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Feb 29, 2012 08:23 AM

need cookbook suggestion


In the interest of eating healthier, I've been subbing out my turkey on wheat in favor of quinoa, couscous and other grain salads. I'm wondering if anyone has come across a book with a ton of recipes focused on healthy grains!


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  1. There is a book called Ancient Grains for Modern Meals that many people have been talking about. It is a relatively new book and I haven't checked it out yet, but I've heard lots of positive feedback.

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      Lorna Sass has a great cookbook, whole grains every way every day. I also highly recommend Paula Wolfert's cookbooks Med. Grains and Greens as well as her Eastern Med cookbook. No quinoa there,but lots of great recipes for whole grains. Many contain small amounts of animal protein, which could be excluded.

      I've also heard mention of a new cookbook with quinoa in the title...and the Ottolenghi and Plenty cookbooks have lots of inventive recipes for grains, including lentils.

    2. Quinoa 365, The Everyday Superfood is a great one.

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        I have this book but haven't cooked a thing from it. What do you recommend from this book? Maybe that would get me rolling?


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          In the spirit of the thread,
          I make this twice a month and it never gets old.

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            Sounds delicious! Thanks for the link. Also in the spirit of the thread, this Quinoa Chicken Hotdish recipe is a favorite at our house:

            We've used lowfat cheese with good success, too. You don't even need to bother with the optional garnishes.

            For brunch (even for company), I like this Quinoa Pudding recipe from Epicurious (introduced to me by another hound, though, I no longer remember who, alas). I cut back the sugar by about 1/3 and use fresh berries. Serve it with yogurt.


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            Hi. I have made the Blueberry Flax Hot Cereal (very good), the tabbouleh (very good, I also add feta and chickpeas), Bocconcini and oregano salad (very good), beef vegetable quinoa soup (okay, I found the quinoa flavour overpowered the soup) and the Blueberry Sponge cake (This one would have been good if I wasn't a cheapskate and decided to try to make my own quinoa flour in a food processor. I wasn't able to make it fine enough, so it turned out quite gritty. ) Hope that helps!

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              HAHA! I'll have to remind myself not to be a cheapskate and try to make my own quinoa flour. I TOTALLY would have tried that if you hadn't warned me. The Bocconcini and oregano salad sounds especially appealing to me, as does the tabbouleh. I'll have a look, thank you!