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Feb 29, 2012 07:48 AM

JR's Coming to Red Bank!


An unanswered argument between my son and I: is it "Jay-Aar's" or "Junior's"?

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  1. It's juniors! Instead of one regular sized burger, they give you two "juniors." Their food is really delicious.

    1. I laughed at the start of the article: it lists 4 observations that led the restaurateur to decide to open the Red Bank location. And one of them is "A nearby hospital with hundreds of employees working around the clock." Is it the availability of potential customers or of emergency care for customers???? (Just kidding, of course).

      1. I used to love love love Jrs bur I'm not longer a fan. A burger and fries will run you over 10 bucks, and they charge extra for tomato and onion. I simply don't see why I would dish out this kind of money to eat in a place that looks worse than my high school cafeteria. Jacks, as a comparison, has burgers for 6 bucks and you can add fries for just a buck.

        The worst part is their burgers aren't even that good any more. I would much rather have a cali burger deluxe at just about any diner, over Jrs at this point. And it'll be cheaper.

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        1. re: joonjoon

          Joon - agree that's quite a bit to pay for burger and fries, especially since I always thought that Jr's catered to the Monmouth Univ student body with its late night hours and delivery. Always liked their burgers, but haven't been back much since Surf Taco opened down the block. Even though I haven't been frequenting them, I was glad to see that Jr's wasn't lost in the fire that swept its neighbors.

          1. re: joonjoon

            Hey joon, sorry to hear that we have priced ourselves out of what you feel is a reasonsble range for our products. I assure you that it is a condition of wholesale markets that has caused us and many other restaurants to raise prices.
            As for the quality of our burgers, they are the same fresh ground 85/15 patties, served on the same baked daily rolls, that we have been using since we opened in 2005.
            All the best.
            Jrs Staff

              1. re: JrsStaff

                Hello JrsStaff! I think it's awesome that you guys took the time to address things here on Chowhound. Don't get me wrong, I still *really* like your burgers, and I was the first person here on Chowhound to sing your praise right when you first opened in 07:

                Back then your burgers were 4.50. Now it's 6.50, plus it's another dollar for pickles onions and tomato. Fries are four bucks, and you charge extra for sauce too. For me this kind of pricing is really a turn off...I feel like I'm getting nickeled and dimed whenever I'm placing an order. Add it all up and it's *12 bucks* for burgers and fries.

                I enjoy your food, I just wish it was a little cheaper. Oh, and my girlfriend LOVES your chicken sandwiches and salad. :)

                1. re: joonjoon

                  We stopped at JR's in Long Branch tonight. I was really surprised at how good it was. The concept is novel, and the food was excellent. Obviously, its not an everyday meal, but when you really want this type of food, I think we'll be stopping by again.

                  Great to hear when the Red Bank Store Finally opens, we will be much closer to home.

                  I had the regular original, and my Fiancee had the Maui Burgers, we shared an order of Krezier Fries (Fries, Cheese Whiz, Applewood Bacon, and Sirloin Burger Pattie Crumbled)..

                  The fries where almost a meal in itself and it's awesome that they use REAL Kraft Cheese Whiz. It's sort of rare to find a place that uses the real stuff (more $$) than the generic costco giant can stuff. (I know this probably isn't the best site to discuss the properties of fake cheeses..but in my opinion, for this type of food, it really makes a difference, as well as how they handle the cheese whiz (proper temperature to get the proper consistency). Just think of it like Geno's in Philly.. they have the Cheeze whiz always hot and ready to go in the double Boiler, the perfect amount applied with a cake spatula and the bread pressed together for perfect Whiz Distribution... JR's took this same perfection and put it on Fries!!! (which where perfectly crisp btw) :-)

                  My only critique could be that the buns on my originals where a bit too robust for my simple burgers.. but I got them without sauce, and I can see where they could come in handy when you start loading up the wet sloppy toppings.

                  The Staff where some of the most friendly people I've run into in a long time, and that's saying a lot, knowing how much working in the food industry can sometimes be stressful and challenging (usually).

                  And, the service was fast, and free refills on the drinks even though the fountain is behind the counter.

                  I noticed the Kool-Aid machine too late, otherwise that would have been my drink of choice.. where else can you get kool-aid with your burgers :-P

                  1. re: joonjoon

                    I'm with you on this Joonjoon as you ARE being nickled and dimed for tomatoes or onions.

                    Forgive me here, but what is so 'novel' about this burger joint's food concept? Is it the Kool Aid? The Cheese Whiz over fries?

                    What makes it so different than say 25 Burgers or 5 Guys which will cost you about 65% of what it appears to potentially run you at JR's?

                    1. re: JustJake

                      It's cool that they give you two sliders instead of 1 burger.

                      25 burgers is good, I've eaten there plenty of times, as is 5 guys. But it's not a head to head comparison in my opinion. If I simply wanted any old burger.. why don't I just go to shop rite and get their frozen patties and toss em in the microwave?

                      And I know plenty of people here don't like my opinions, and that's fine, I really don't care. I'm one that appreciates proper application of cheese whiz. If that is too plebeian or unsophisticated for this board.. then it is what it is.

                      As for nickel and dimming you to death.. i see nothing wrong with charging for extra items that aren't included with the restaurants selections. It's very clearly printed on the menu. They don't get it for free, so why should we? There are plenty of restaurants who roll the cost and you end up paying for it in the price of the item anyways, but there are plenty of restaurants who don't.

                      I've seen Tomato's listed on Diner menus for $1 extra on a sandwich!!

                      And honestly, I'm not rich.. far from it, but when I'm going out.. it makes almost no difference to me whether I spend $10 or $12 on a meal. If I need to save money, I will eat at home, going out is a luxury. And honestly, I throw that much into those donation cans at wawa, or leave the change as a tip for a good waiter. There is nothing wrong with compensating someone well for a great service they provided for you.

                      I've said it before, and nobody seems to care, but when we get on here and say something like "nickle and dimming" it is exponentially worse to the small business owner than a positive review. We really have to choose our words carefully. The internet is great and allows free speech, but we take it for granted and don't realize the responsibility it entails.

                      1. re: coldsolderjoint

                        Not beating you up CSJ - just don't see the reason for charging anyone that.

                        The places that I patronize down here don't do it (and I'm excluding 5 guys or 25 Burgers which also don't charge extra by the way ). My favorite spot for a burger won't charge me anything additional for crumbled blue cheese either. The burger and fries (which I don't often order - 5 guys is the only place for potato) at said "favorite" will set me back but $7. Comparatively speaking that's 2 more beers that I can have at my place than if I was dining at JR's. ;-)

                        $7-$8 is also what other places like The Sitting Duck, Main St, Zacharies will charge for burger & fries.

                        CSJ - you're a good poster and have been so for a long time. I just don't get it - the price or the add on's.

                        1. re: JustJake

                          Just curious Jake - what's the burger place you're talking about? (With the free blue cheese)

                        2. re: coldsolderjoint

                          If you're happy paying 12 bucks for the Jr's experience, then more power to you csj. But I'm looking at what that money buys you elsewhere:

                          Bond St Bar: Burger, fries, PBR and a shot of whiskey: 13$
                          Ivan & Andy's: 10 oz prime burger & fries: 9$.
                          Jack's: Burger, Fries & a pint of craft beer: 12$
                          Pretty much any diner/pub: Cali Burger, fries, cole slaw: ~8$

                          And none of those places charge extra for pickles or condiments. Unless you *really really really* prefer Jr's over all other burgers, I just don't see why Jr's is a compelling choice.

                          1. re: joonjoon

                            Jj, it's the first one on your list. With the blue cheese not being free - it's just that when it's on the 'board', the price doesn't differ from your standard Cali Cheeseburger.

                            Ivan & Andy's lunch time burger is even better, but I like the ambiance of BSB (lol) plus the drink specials (is that the 'Dennis Hopper' you're quoting as part of your meal?

                            The wings when they're on the menu (especially Thai honey lime) beat anything around, wouldn't you agree?

                            1. re: JustJake

                              An addendum Joonjoon. Check out my avtar. Should you see me with my pal outside at the picnic area quaffing from a bucket of nips--- do stop by and say hello.

                              1. re: JustJake

                                Yup, I'm talking about the Dennis Hopper...probably the greatest drink special in all of Monmouth county. Beer and a shot for 5 bucks? I'm sold.

                                I've only had the buffalo wings at Bond, and I wasn't blown away. But I say that about almost everyone's wings cuz I'm hooked on Jack's garlic buffalo. Hands down the best wings in our area IMO.

                                Ivan and Andy's also has 98c hot dogs from time to time although I've yet to try it.

                                If I see your buddy I'll definitely stop and say hi...I'm pretty easy to spot also, look for the asian with blonde ponytail. :)

                                1. re: joonjoon

                                  That's beyond easy to spot!

                                  If you ever get back to I&A, see if they'll put some of their pastrami on a burger for you. I purloined a few slices from my wife's plate to top a burger with Swiss I was enjoying. The result was resplendent. If they won't, convince someone in your company to get the "pastrami on rye" and follow my lead.