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Feb 29, 2012 07:47 AM

Stand back, I've got bottarga and I'm not afraid to use it!

Except I'm not sure how. I was able to convince the counter woman to cut me off a small chunk ( about an ounce, or ten bucks worth) of tuna bottarga. Should I just grate it over some pasta ali olio or what?I've been curious about it ever since attending a great food fair in Certaldo, Italy, where the truffle folks and cheese people were giving out free tastes, but the bottarga man was only giving out free smells.

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  1. as you know, the flavor is really strong, so yeah, pasta al olio would be perfect. some toasted breadcrumbs over top would be nice too.

    1. i want some! and grating it over pasta al olio would be my service of choice. second the toasted breadcrumbs

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