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Feb 29, 2012 07:35 AM

Mintwood or District Kitchen???

Hi Everyone,

My boyfriend and I have a birthday party in Adams Morgan this weekend and were interested in checking out one of the new restaurants in the area beforehand.

Both the menus at Mintwood and District Kitchen look great. Has anyone tried both (or either) and can give us a review/recommendation of which we should go with?

Also Mintwood appears not to take reservations. How difficult would it be to snag a table for two on a Saturday night (say around 7:30/8pm)? Same with District Kitchen if we choose not to make a reservation?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Mintwood reservations

    I suggest you check the Washigton Post website -- it has reviews for both places.

    1. Haven't been to Mintwood yet, because the waits have gotten bad quickly on the weekends. But District Kitchen was very good, if not excellent on my visit there a few weeks ago. I think it's a very good spot for a pre-party meal, because they have lots of small plates you can assemble a meal out of if you don't want a app/entree/dessert setup. But I was there late on a Sunday, so I don't know what the waits would be prime time on a Saturday.

      1. WaPo covered DK today (well Wednesday really - I'm up late)

        1. I think MP, but not DK, takes reservations for early and late tables.

          I've been to each once. DK was very good; but MP was better than that -- the dorade and the skate, in particular, were perfect. Weak spot of each, I thought, was the cocktails; but MP had good wines by the glass.

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          1. re: Marty L.

            Second the weak cocktails at DK - sounded good on menu but not balanced well in glass.

          2. I was able to make reservation at Mintwood for 8pm---I guess they now take reservation on City Eats. I thought the menu looked more interesting and the write up in the Post sealed the deal. I'll make sure to report back.

            Would love to hear any reports on favorite items though.

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            1. re: Elyssa

              as I said, the fish dishes were fantastic the night I was there. Good, somewhat unorthodox key lime pie, too