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Feb 29, 2012 06:56 AM

ISO a blow-out lunch in London

Hello my fair 'hounders,

I am a gluttonous NYer stopping in London for a few days in early April. The purpose of the trip is solely to eat well and see friends; the Wolseley (for breakfast), Great Queen Street and St. John (or St. John Bread & Wine) are already on the list, as are Lahore Kebab and Tayyabs.

I am looking for a blow-out lunch on Monday - somewhere I can treat myself. Since it's Monday, Brawn is out. I did some extensive research and Pollen St Social, Wild Honey, and possibly Princi are options. Le Caprice is not included as I've been to the one here in NY (and I know it is a scene).

Ideally it would be somewhere I could sit at the bar and enjoy myself for the afternoon as I'll be dining solo. Am staying in Bloomsbury but location is not an issue - I know the city fairly well and can get around. Price is also not an issue. Would you choose one of those, or am I missing something?

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  1. I'm a big fan of Texture - nice champagne bar to lounge in, interesting mod-scandi food. Just personally, I'd pick it over Pollen St and Wild Honey.

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      Ah, I found Texture mentioned on another board but it seems it, too, is closed on Mondays. Might have to just take myself to Terroirs and make an afternoon of it! Thanks for your reply!

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        If opening hours wasn't an issue, I'd pick Texture over Pollen St and Wild Honey too. Pollen St Social has outstanding technique, but somehow when the stuff comes together, the dishes are merely good not great.

      2. Pollen Street would be fantastic for a blowout. I'd go for that.

        1. Dim sum at Royal China Club in Marylebone (not to be mistaken with the nearby Royal China); be sure to get the lamb shen1 jian1 bao1/ pan fried buns. And definitely take advantage of their excellent wuyi oolong selection.

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            Limster, thanks for your excellent recs. I'd look into the Royal China Club but as I'm headed from London to HK, might be getting my full of dim sum there. I'll play it by ear and report back. Thanks for all of your help, 'hounds!

          2. A visiting gourmette friend and I had a fantastic lunch at Launceston Place last year. The chef has now moved on, so I can't vouch for what's being served now but our meal was fantastic. I don't know if they open on Mondays or not.

            1. Scott's in Mayfair is open at noon on Monday's. They have a really nice bar to eat at and I've had some really good meals there. Fish is their focus.