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Best of Detroit report in Real Detroit Weekly your thoughts? LINK

Well this is a pretty long list what places do you as a foodie on the streets agree or disagree with?


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  1. "Best Italian - Andiamo" puts in question every other place mentioned on the list.

    1. Wow...there's just so much wrong with that list, I hardly know where to begin, honestly. Suffice it to say that gooddog's statement is, to say the absolute least, conservative.

      1. Who the hell are these people who voted? Stoned/wasted club kids?

        When a list that claims '"Best of" includes and lauds as best burger, wretched Bagger Dave's, skips Giovanni's, and calls out Big Boy for (best bang for a buck) and Jimmy John's (best delivery) and includes a couple of closed restaurants it reeks of absolutely no credibility whatsoever.

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        1. re: berkleybabe

          "Who the hell are these people who voted? Stoned/wasted club kids?"

          Since I've only ever seen Real Detroit in the foyer of various bars and whatnot, I'd say yes.

          1. re: coney with everything

            I know many stoned and wasted kids. They would have the same reaction to this list we are having. I think we know they are the Applebee's Generation.

        2. I can agree with a few of the observations ...

          "the best thing about Como's is their hours.". I cannot argue with that! <g>

          Pleased with finding Fly Trap on the list.

          Best Mexican is Rojo? Really? Oy!

          1. these lists often points to the to avoid list....or if the voters are non-foodies who don't know any better

            1. This is a completely ridiculous list! I will echo the question that everyone else has asked, "Who voted on this"? Pathetic!

              1. We never would have created such a list at Orbit Magazine. RIP.
                I think the truly bad choices are glaring. But where did they go right?

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                  Ok, there are probably a couple choices I wouldn't argue too much with - Detroit Bagel, Ray's Ice Cream. But their categories either seem laughably broad or so specific that they seemed designed to only have one possible choice. Did they really need best Spanish AND best tapas? Best Brazilian steakhouse (what are there, 2 in the area)? Best creperie? How about best Sushi, best Sushi Chef, best Japanese (where they describe the sushi) AND best Sushi specialty roll? Also (this may be in the printed version, but I didn't see it online) locations for these places would be helpful; I've never heard of several of these places.

                  1. re: gooddog

                    Have you ever read their restaurant reviews ? All of them sound like they were written by the restaurant's PR firm. Real Detroit is great for entertainment listings, music reports, and interviews with actors/singers. It's abysmal for food , for the most part.

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                      I thought it was embarassing, especially when the best beer was budweiser. REALY!?!? We live in Michigan, home of awesome craft beers. Such a missed oppurtunity for Detroit & its suburbs.

                  2. Rodgers Roost in Sterling Heights has them

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                      Real Detroit?

                      I noticed the Metro Times is also doing their best of poll at this time. That should be interesting for comparison.

                    2. I stopped paying attention to those newspaper 'Best Of...' lists when I worked for a locally-owned business up north where the owners spent hundreds of dollars on newspapers and paid their employees to fill in the ballots. Their subsequent "Voted #1!" claims mean nothing to me.