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Feb 29, 2012 06:33 AM

Best of Detroit report in Real Detroit Weekly your thoughts? LINK

Well this is a pretty long list what places do you as a foodie on the streets agree or disagree with?

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  1. "Best Italian - Andiamo" puts in question every other place mentioned on the list.

    1. Wow...there's just so much wrong with that list, I hardly know where to begin, honestly. Suffice it to say that gooddog's statement is, to say the absolute least, conservative.

      1. Who the hell are these people who voted? Stoned/wasted club kids?

        When a list that claims '"Best of" includes and lauds as best burger, wretched Bagger Dave's, skips Giovanni's, and calls out Big Boy for (best bang for a buck) and Jimmy John's (best delivery) and includes a couple of closed restaurants it reeks of absolutely no credibility whatsoever.

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        1. re: berkleybabe

          "Who the hell are these people who voted? Stoned/wasted club kids?"

          Since I've only ever seen Real Detroit in the foyer of various bars and whatnot, I'd say yes.

          1. re: coney with everything

            I know many stoned and wasted kids. They would have the same reaction to this list we are having. I think we know they are the Applebee's Generation.

        2. I can agree with a few of the observations ...

          "the best thing about Como's is their hours.". I cannot argue with that! <g>

          Pleased with finding Fly Trap on the list.

          Best Mexican is Rojo? Really? Oy!

          1. these lists often points to the to avoid list....or if the voters are non-foodies who don't know any better