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Jan 7, 2002 08:33 PM

Amateur Nights

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It’s been our experience that white tablecloth joints offer dumbed-down menus and condescending service on Valentine’s Day, so we’ve taken to eating at home or going to holes-in-the wall. This year, however, we expect to be in San Diego. Two queries please: If we could still get a reso, do you think Mille Fleurs would be a good idea? And, how long should we allow to get from the Pacific Beach area to MF? Thanks.

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    David Naimark

    I'm sure this will generate disagreement but, after half a dozen visits to MF over the years, I'm chronically underwhelmed by the food, put off by the high prices, and find the place snotty.

    That being said, lots of people absolutely love it.

    Good luck with Valentines Day. You might consider Candelas for a romantic and pleasant atmosphere.

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      Andy Abramson

      I've lived here ten years. Have never had the urge to even check the place out. Too many bad reports from too many locals. Pampelmouse in Del Mar/Solana Beach is taking away the foodies as the cuisine is more inventive. That said, the Bertrand's @ Mister A's downtown which the owners of MF have taken over has a hot chef who cooks the food for food lovers.

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        Andy, my love! How did you find us?