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Feb 29, 2012 06:06 AM

Looking for good food at a decent price in Capri and Sorrento...


My husband and I are going to the Amalfi coast in July and we would love some suggestions for dinner and lunch places that do not cost an arm and a leg - that said we are really looking for value. Good food for the right price.

Also - do I need reservations for July and if so how far in advance do I need to make these reservations.


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  1. In the town of Capri, there is an alley/tunnel to the right of the main church in the main square. You take that alley a little way and you find a restaurant on your right that has a huge anti pasto spread in the middle and a great seafood menu. There is also a wall of windows with a great view if you are there during the day. But I can't remember the name. And don't be afraid of the alley, once you get there you'll understand there are mostly alley type streets that usually lead to something wonderful.

    Also Giada De Laurentiis did a Capri show a few years ago and if you can track that down, there would be some good recommendations there.

    1. Are you interested only in restaurants in the town of Sorrento proper?

      Have you read any of the threads here about dining on the Amalfi Coast?

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        i have read threads about the amalfi coast - but I was most interested in good dinner spots in sorrento and capri that are reasonable - I've read that Capri can be pretty pricey.

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          In general, the food in Campania is not as expensive as in northern cities unless you go for the whole fish dishes (expensive everywhere), but Capri is a luxury heavily touristic destination, so its bound to be more expensive than other places. If you look right below this thread you may find info in the linked discussions that are relevant to your query.