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Feb 29, 2012 06:02 AM

where to go for dinner friday night near airport(IAH)

hi I'm flying thru houston this friday/saturday and will be with my 19 year old son staying near the airport. we arrive 830 at night friday and leave sat 830 am. where should i take him(close to the airport if possible) we love all food sushi burgers texmex. A bar is ok with us. thanks

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  1. Wow, these reply links are sending me to my own profile a lot. Anyway, here's a recent thread that might inform at least as to Tex-Mex...

    1. Unfortunately, near the airport (assuming IAH), you are stuck with the usual chains, and smaller neighborhood Mexican places. A couple of exceptions are upscale, but it seems like that's not what your after with your son. The link Lambowner sent is a good, recent reference.

      1. My brother was back in our hometown of Houston a while back and was craving Gulf Coast seafood near IAH. We went to Jimmy G's and he was more than satisfied, not something available in the midwest.

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          thanks Lambowner. just informed its lent(wasn't thinking) so meat is out. but jimmyG's has that taken care of. i love the menu(was just in NOLA) so that should be just right. thanks to all