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Feb 29, 2012 05:56 AM

Leap Day in Houston

I don't know if there is any traditional leap day food...frog legs? But it seems appropriate to celebrate the gift of an extra day! What will you eat?

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  1. Burger and brew at Pondicheri for 10 smackers. will sit at the bar and enjoy the view!

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      Good-gosh-a-mighty, I had the best lunch at Giacomo's today. The fennel heavy house salad with home made green goddess dressing, Meyer lemony pulled chicken and gruyere panini on Slow Dough baguette, espresso granita with whipped cream. I may never eat again, and probably shouldn't. But what a great meal. Cell phone pictures don't do it justice. But here you go. Giacomo's is fast becoming a favorite. They also do Marcella Hazan's bolognese on their house made tagliatelle in 1/2 portions. Descrumptious.

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        Giacomo's is underrated. The shrimp entree in a spicy red sauce is one of my favorites.. If you happen to live within the Giacomo zip code, they are doing a 30% off promotion. ck it out!

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          Also agree re: Giacomo's! Love the house-made swiss chard ravioli in sage butter (and that you can get it in a half portion), and the bolognese, as you mention, is also terrific. We also love the small plate shrimp marinated in harissa and sauteed, which may be what they use for the spicy shrimp pasta also. They sometimes have a cold cauliflower salad with capers which is really good. Oh, and we normally split the budino gianduia for dessert-- it's so rich, we never finish it.

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            I just bought a jar of harissa from central mrkt.. I seem to be smearing it on everything.. will try marinating on a slab of fish this w/e.

      2. I went to Merida Mexican Restaurant for nachos with chorizo and a carnita taco which unfortunately wasn't as good as last time. For those unfamiliar with Merida, it's just up the street from the fraudulent "Origninal Ninfa's" on Navigation. My next carnita fix will be at El Jardin on Harrisburg and 76th.

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            I know I'm being a bit hard on them, but I don't like the way they market themselves as the "original." I go back to the original, well almost, 1975ish for me, but Mom was on the inside and was there when there was only the front room. I realize a restaurant cannot be stuck in time, and the menus need updating, but the favorites I know have been changed by the not needed chef. The worst is the Ninfarita, good to give you a headache with the lack of tequila, confirmed by the son of a waiter/manager I go way back with, followed by the nutmeg infused carnitas, which I was told would be done with the old recipie, not. I just don't like the new place, sorry, but they've lost me as a customer.

        1. Had a quick burger at Jax Grill for lunch yesterday on my way downtown. Good burger, perfect medium rare as requested, very fresh bun.

          Dinner, (being Wednesday and all), was a sushi plate prepared by my favorite sushi chef, Leo-san at Sushi Jin.

          Had some lovely Kona kanpachi, oo-toro, (one piece simple and one piece quickly seared and it was "OMG good!"), Tasmanian Ocean Trout, and some unagi.

          They do a few rolls that are somewhat elaborate, but my favorite is the very simple and clean sushi and sashimi. This is amazingly fresh fish, and the simpler it comes to you, the better.

          Tell 'em Doobie sent you.

          It won't get YOU anything special, but it just might get ME an extra piece of oo-toro once in a while...