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Feb 29, 2012 05:37 AM

Scottsdale Culinary Festival--Thoughts?

Looking at choosing dates for a spring trip to your area and I see the Scottsdale Culinary Festival listed as an April Event.

Just wanted to hear thoughts on the events…picnic, wine dinners, beer festival? I saw the details for the beer festival indicated that the beverages were to be purchased separately, so I emailed (weeks ago) and asked if any beer was actually included and no one replied...

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  1. The picnic is fun, but the food is pretty typical street food, not usually foodie material, but alot of good tacos, sandwiches, bbq, etc. Entry is one fee and tickets for the tastings for a $2 each. The beer fest is adjacent to the picnic and is a separate entry fee, tickets for tasting there as well, though a good tip to a bartender and the drinks flow freely.

    The ticketed events and dinners are more for foodie dining experiences with local name brand chefs. The wine brunch is OK, usually a resort bufett. I think the best deal is the Cooking events over the weekends in the cultural center. wine, demos, tastings, less of a crowd.

    The party tents at night are club style drink action, with alot of see and be seen vibe. Fun if you're into night club scenes, but not if you don't like crowds.

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      Thanks. Your assessment of the picnic is kind of what I was envisioning, but it is just good in general to hear others impressions. The website is sort of vague from the perspective of someone unfamiliar with the events.

      I wish I was excited about the celebrities they are bringing in for the shows, but I'm not.

      The wine dinners do sound intriguing, although they offer no information about the menu or wines...which for $125/pp I question if we should just spend that on a nice dinner of our choice. Maybe they will post more information as the date nears.