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Feb 29, 2012 05:30 AM

Foodies of New England magazine

Thought folks here might be interested in knowing about a new local food magazine, Foodies of New England. They've recently gone online as well:

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  1. Never heard of it before. It looks a little Massachusetts-centric to be called "Foodies of New England."

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    1. re: mels

      yes...mostly central mass to be exact. The editor is from Worcester,MA

      1. re: mels

        Off topic a bit, but do you find TV Diner to be MA-focused as well? Every time I catch it, I've never seen any trips to CT.

      2. they're new - only a couple of issues in - but i thought they did a great job of getting out of central MA even though they're based here. the last issue featured restaurants in VT and NH as well as Northeast CT. I think as time goes on they'll branch out even more, geographically. i think the photography is incredible!