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What's the best thing you personally can make with white sliced sandwich bread?

What do you make with it, and how do you do it?

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  1. Bread wrapped mackerel with rhubarb sauce. Healthy and delicious! I make it all the time in spring. Here is a recipe I use -


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        Only good use for it, IMHO. But what a use it is :)

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          +1. It's also the base for my husband's specialty, fried egg and cheese sandwiches (basically, a fried egg inserted into a grilled cheese sandwich).

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            Grilled cheese and toast. Its strange now that I think about it considering bread is always a "must have" on the grocery list.

          2. I don't use the squishy stuff, but Pepperidge farm makes a loaf that holds up beautifully as a canape base, it you're having a retro cocktail party. A local favorite which sounds too a little strange is actually really delicious: very lightly steam nice fat asparagus spears, and wrap with a thin half- cooked strip of bacon; bake 'til just done. Now, spread a flattened slice white bread with mayo and wrap that around the asparagus, and brush with melted butter;roll in parmesan broil 'til bread is toasted. It's a ridiculous and ungodly amount of work for an appetizer that people will go through like nobody's business and beg for more. :) Cutting out rounds and topping those with a thinly sliced round of onion and then spreading that with the parmesan mayo and broiling is addictive.
            I also like to slice those loaves lengthwise into thirds and make a layered sandwich; great for girls' night parties with a pitcher of something tasty and strong. I don't "do" gender-specific food per se, but if you wanted to "masculinize" this one, you could do a thick layer of rare roast beef spread with horseradish mayonnaise and another layer of crunchy bacon and melted cheddar with some sharp mustard, or a ham/turkey combo with melty swiss and slaw....

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              Yum to Mamachef's uses!

              My personal favorite is 'summer pudding' good white bread layered in a bowl with crushed raspberries, really ripe local strawberries, a few blueberries for interest; also line the bowl with bread slices. Press down on top overnight. Invert, and serve with creme anglaise or soft whipped cream. A beautiful fresh berry pudding that will get eaten in a flash! SO delicious and easy!

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                Awesome. I automatically went to savory, and here you go and remember the best use of all, IMO!!

            2. A Tomato Sammich. ~~ Lots of Dukes Mayonnaise, Slices of homegrown/vine ripe tomatoes, and S&P

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                As always, Unca Bob beats all! Especially with the Duke's.

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                  Absolutely correct. Tomatoes require a soft, fairly tasteless bread to absorb the juices , hold the Dukes, and provide a vehicle for the tomato glory. If you get it right, there's nothing better. (although w/ my gardening skills, it would take less total time and money to fly to NYC and eat at Per Se than it does for me to grow a few backyard tomatoes. but they're worth it. they need to be warm from the sun when you put them on the sandwich.)

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                    Agreed - except I use Hellmann's. Never seen Dukes. Another good use is a warm egg salad sandwich, where the egg is still warm from being boiled.

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                      A tomato sammich is the best use and Dukes is the only mayo worthy. Try adding sliced cucumber and vidalia onion. YUM!!

                      1. Creamed mushrooms on chive butter toast, from the Smitten Kitchen web site.


                        1. Cream Brulee French Toast. Decadent!

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                              Right :)

                              Downright cruel to name that and not give us details.

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                                  Yep. That's a servicable recipe! Thanks, subal for the look up.

                                  Great for dinner with a pound or three of bacon.

                          1. Stuffing or for a strata.

                            1. PB&J "Club"

                              Using three slices of Pepperidge Farm white sandwich bread:
                              Toast one slice. Spread chunky peanut butter on one untoasted slice and spread jelly on the other untoasted slice. Lightly butter the toasted slice and place on the jelly side. Cover with the peanut butter side and cut off the crusts. Cut into four triangles and serve.

                              1. I just made some white bread with cracked wheat yesterday, so today's breakfast was egg salad on toasted bread. It was delicious!

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                                  Egg salad is best on white. I tried it on Pumpernickle and it just ain't right.

                                2. Remove crust, flaten thin and use for crispy spring rolls
                                  crumbled and added to meatloaf
                                  Fluffernutter sandwiches
                                  Shrimp toast-mash cooked baby shrimp and flavor with finely minced lemongrass, garlic and ginger; remove bread crust and flatten. Add filling, fold to triangle and quick fry.

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                                    A fluffernutter sandwich isn't a fluffernutter unless it's on old fashioned white bread.

                                  2. Once every so often I get a hankering for what's best described as a "gas station sandwich". You know, two or three slices of roast beef, if you're lucky, plus a slice of American cheese, a leaf of lettuce, with mayo and ballpark mustard, all stuffed into a plastic shell, then sealed up to get soggy. And it's gotta be on white sandwich bread, cut into two triangles.

                                    Since the soggy isn't my favorite part, once every five years or so there'll be one of those perfect storms where I notice that roast beef in the deli and American cheese are on sale at the same time, so I'll buy enough to do a half dozen sandwiches worth along with a loaf of regular white bread.

                                    I'll finish up the cheese doing grilled cheese sandwiches, and if there's any bread left, it'll go to the ducks and geese on the lake here.

                                    Otherwise, can't stand the stuff!

                                    1. I don't personally make it, but my favorite recipe in season is my mothers summer pudding (with blueberries) using extra-thin sliced sandwich bread. You can get a recipe from Epicurious. British tea sandwiches like cucumber sandwiches are a second and also not something I make much but enjoy. I sometimes serve it will pulled pork and vinegar sauce which it soaks up and I think Welsh rarebit goes fine with basic bread. What I do make is grilled cheese and ham and cheese sandwiches (misto quente) with a Brazilian sandwich iron (I have also seen them in Italian stores).

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                                        itaunas, I said the same above before reading through! Summer pudding is THE BEST! Discovered about 7 years ago, and have made it several times in summer each year now. People just love it, and can't believe how simple it is when you tell them what's in it:)

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                                          Another vote for summer pudding, made with fresh-from-the-vines strawberries and razzleberries! In fact, using a more virtuous type of bread (whole grain, artisan) ruins it.

                                        2. Blitzed in the food processor and then toasted in the oven for bread crumbs to bread veal (or chicken or pork) Milanese; torn apart and mixed with a little milk to make a panade for mixing into meatballs. My two favorite uses.

                                          1. Mozzerella en Carozza.
                                            Sorry, couldn't narrow it down.

                                            1. It's either sausage and mozzarella dressing or bread pudding with cardamom.

                                                1. Traditional Herbed Bread Stuffing. Yum.

                                                  1. Can't make a pimento cheese sandwich without it.

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                                                      True dat. There really are no substitutions for that one, are there?

                                                    2. These all sound great. Most sandwiches are IMHO ok with squishy white bread. I love the summer pudding, and if the mayonnaise is good and the dukes are small and tender I old eat twenty cucumber sandwiches. I think white store bought bread is a necessary ingredient in a proper SOS experience.

                                                      1. BLT! with Pepperidge Farms sandwich bread. No substitute.

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                                                            I'll drink to that but I prefer rye.

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                                                              I raise. Toast with melted peanut butter.

                                                            2. watercress sandwiches

                                                              1. Hot Open Face Turkey Sandwiches with mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy. The bread gets perfectly soggy underneath the turkey.

                                                                Panzanella crouton filled Omelette - bread, remove crusts, mash the bread together working in a little tomato juice seasoned with salt and pepper. mush it up and form cubes or balls. dip in egg or egg white. pan fry til crispy. make your omelette - fill with onions, scant amount of diced tomatoes, bell peppers if desired, basil and capers. as late as possible add the croutons. roll and serve with a lemon garlic dijon vinaigrette.

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                                                                  +1 (open faced Turkey, and...)

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                                                                    Yep, hot roast beef needs it too. Nothing quite like that soggy plank of gravy-drenched bread, all soaky and beefy and coming-apart....

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                                                                      one of the few times i'm going for soggy...

                                                                  2. Shrimp toast ala David Rosengarten. I've modified his recipe to make it simpler. I just remove the crust, roll out each piece of bread, spread half of each piece with raw shrimp mixture (shrimp, garlic, ginger, green onions, a bit of soy sauce, a bit of sirracha, all processed in a food processor), then fold in half to make a triangle, seal edges with a bit of beaten egg, then dip edge in sesame seeds and fry until golden. Delish!

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                                                                      hi Niki, I love a good shrimp toast! I suggested it above a day ago but didn't receive any OP love, ha! I have never dipped the edge in seeds and then fried. Or sealed with egg. I'll give that a go next time. Sounds interesting.

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                                                                        Thanks, Hill J! This is literally the only use I have for white sandwich bread, but every now and then I buy a loaf just to make it. IIRC, David's original recipe called for rolling the shrimp toasts into cylinders, but that seemed a bit too fussy (and labor intensive), so I started just folding over into triangles. And I agree with RelishPDX that frying unsealed shrimp toasts leads to lots of particulate matter left in the oil. Relish, I did get the recipe from his Taste show; I miss David on TV!

                                                                      2. re: Niki in Dayton

                                                                        Oh how interesting! I've never had shrimp toasts folded (or rolled) over either. I made a half a batch from Ming Tsai's recipe in Blue Ginger last weekend and was less than impressed. Very bland and the open nature of them left a lot of "debris" in the oil, for lack of a better description. I'll have to give this a try and spice it up like you have.

                                                                        (I'd nearly forgotten David Rosengarten's "Taste" show on during the early days of FoodTV. That was where the recipe I found for his version online credited to.)

                                                                      3. The Chow Monte Cristo Sandwich! Holy moley it's great!

                                                                        1. Perfect for lining the basin for summer pudding.

                                                                          For savoury, white sliced is essential for a bacon butty.

                                                                          1. Fresh bread crumbs with a food processor. I like rye bread, so white bread is a rarity in our home.

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                                                                              I can't believe no one has mentioned that this is the appropriate bread for fried baloney sandwiches. Add mayo and mustard for a sublime treat.

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                                                                                Oh yes, fried bologna on white bread - perfection. No condiments necessary (they interfere with the bread soaking up the bologna grease!).

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                                                                                  Biondanonima: that's what Fritos are for--soaking up all that grease. gotta squish 'em into the sandiwich, though.

                                                                                2. re: dratlover

                                                                                  Love em.....Thin slice of Vidalia onion and Dukes. ~~ Sometimes sliced d'maters. Wow!!

                                                                                  1. re: dratlover

                                                                                    wow....what a flashback. the only thing my mother knew how to make.....
                                                                                    but i do miss it sometimes.....

                                                                                    1. re: dratlover

                                                                                      Not my thing. When it comes to salumi, I like Genoa salami, soppresatta, capocollo (not capicola or any other misspelling), that American stuff called pepperoni and prosciutto.

                                                                                  2. Bologna sandwich with kraft cheese (the plastic cheese wrapped in plastic).
                                                                                    A great way to relive childhood memories.

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                                                                                    1. re: dave_c

                                                                                      Again not my thing. When it comes to salumi, I like Genoa salami, soppresatta, capocollo (not capicola or any other misspelling), that American stuff called pepperoni and prosciutto.

                                                                                      1. re: dave_c

                                                                                        Oh, mine is Oscar Mayer olive loaf, plastic Kraft cheese, and lettuce, with a ton of pepper. several slices of olive loaf, BTW

                                                                                      2. A breakfast casserole. One layer of white bread on bottom of pan. Pour over standard custard mixture, ham and cheese (or whatever you like). Top with a layer of bread and more custard mixture. Let sit in fridge for a few hours and bake. Although I do prefer a slightly firmer, potato bread - store bought, over wonder bread. It turns out very fluffy and almost souffle like.

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                                                                                            Mock blintzes. Cut crusts off of bread, roll thinly with a rolling pin. Place cheese filling, or filling of choice, on bread and roll up. Fry in butter. Mmmmm...

                                                                                          2. savory bread pudding, with sundried tomatoes, basil, onions, garlic. Oh, and cheese on top.

                                                                                            1. White bread is excellent for craft projects! You make a clay-like material by mixing white bread crumbs (crustless unless you want colored clay) and Emer's glue. It was a BIG hobbyist fad a decade or three ago. Tiny perfect clusters of roses as earings or a pin made from white bread and Elmer's were a big thing!

                                                                                              Oh, and it also makes okay French toast. '-)

                                                                                              1. The crust for Rick Bayless's Yucatan-style Fresh Coconut Pie, by far the best pie that I personally have ever made. A bit of work, but the reward is high.


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                                                                                                  Now you"ve done it! Look out, hips, we're baking! <sigh> I'll never be a size two... <sob>

                                                                                                2. Toasted, and add crispy fried bacon, tomato slices, romaine or green leaf lettuce, and a few slices of avocado.
                                                                                                  Salt and pepper. Perfection. We used to call them BLATs, rather than BLTs, due to the avocado. OH- and a little lemon on the avocado.