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Feb 28, 2012 08:20 PM

lunch for gluten-free, dairy-free, NO raw vegetables, meat-lover

My friend is visiting from Germany and wants to explore downtown (near U of T or Yonge-Dundas) and have Saturday lunch together, but she has severe dietary restrictions but can't eat raw vegetables or salad. She would prefer simply grilled meat or fish and grilled or otherwise cooked veggies. She won't eat rice, either, so sushi restaurants are a no-go.

Having read through some older threads, would I be safe to assume that Kensington Cornerstone is our best bet for a leisurely sit-down meal for 3 people that offers enough dairy-free options?

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  1. I think URSA on Queen West would fit the bill, they specialize in "paleo" and other similar type diets that sound pretty similar to how your friend eats.

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      Thanks Benniep. I hadn't even heard of Ursa yet. I think it's too far west for our purposes, though.

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        And it's only open for dinner, not lunch, sadly.

    2. What about Great Cooks on Eight?
      My hubby has a lot of dietary restrictions these day and I have found that he usually has the most options at "North American" style restaurants, there is almost always a couple of grilled or roasted meats on the menu that can be served without a sauce and with an appropriate vegetable or potato side.

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        I absolutely love that place but they aren't open on Saturdays or Sundays. But I wonder if Bannock or even Earls would be similar in terms of options.

      2. I went to Kensington Cornerstone once and had a pretty good experience. I was with a girl that was trying a glutten-free phase and we both enjoyed out meals. I had the fish and chips but I forget what she had, maybe some kind of chicken fingers? Anyway, we ate out on the patio on a summer day so can't really comment about the interior. Service was friendly though. I was dining with a voucher so with the discount related to that it was good value. Without the voucher I would say it is decent value considering the quality of the food.

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          Thanks everyone. We ended up at the Eaton Centre Mercatto where they have a regular menu at the hostess stand that is yellow-highlighted with gluten-free items: several apps and 3 mains (secondi). The friend doesn't prefer rice or potatoes either due to her sensitive digestion so she asked for rapini instead of potatoes with the orata and seemed satisfied with her fish, swiss chard, rapini and lemon wedge.

          I had dinner at Ursa tonight (their first open Sunday dinner service) and found the pork loin and belly dish addictively tasty. Great dupuy lentils, kale, jerusalem artichokes, etc. However, the dessert was overpriced ($12) and overwrought. Way too much going on -- I think the server pointed out 7 different elements in the chocolate dessert, most of which added nothing to the taste or interest. I mean, it would have been fine with just the hibiscus puree and shiso leaf; why on earth did they also add pumpkin puree, a cube of "brown sugar" (?) squash, salt, some kind of crunch, etc. ?