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Feb 28, 2012 07:59 PM

Need suggestions for a group of 40

hello all,

my friend has a bachelor party coming up and we are trying to find a place to host a dinner with all of us. there's about 40 of us give or take. None of us are local so would love some recommendations for spots in Portland.

thank you!

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  1. The private Kon Tiki Room at the new Trader Vic's in the Pearl seats up to 50, and has a big screen TV if you want. Tiki bars are coming back! :) You'll be ahead of the curve.

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    1. re: RelishPDX

      ...and I have to say, the Mai Tais are really delicious.

      Another idea would be to do a restaurant buy-out at a place like Sunshine Tavern. Really good food and drink and fun games too like shuffle board and Pac-Man and Donkey Kong (the games are all free all the time, btw). They make a killer $15 steak and fries, a great pizza, burger, fried oysters and lots more - decent beer list, slushy margarita machine, homemade softserve. It would be a fun place to throw a party like a bachelor party. Plus the owners also own a catering business, so if you need something a bit more special than their menu provides, that is totally possible.

      1. re: RelishPDX

        thank you! we have made a reservation there and i'll let you know how it goes. really appreciated the recommendation!!

        1. re: shaolinLFE

          trader vic's was a great venue for the group! their room was sound proof, they had a TV to watch the NCAA tourney, and after the games we hooked up our iphone to play our music. they seemed a bit inexperience however handling the bills. however they had a nice attention to detail with a custom menu for us. thanks again for the suggestion!

          also the food was good.

          1. re: shaolinLFE

            Excellent! Thanks for reporting back. I'm really happy that it all worked out so well. Big groups like that can be very tricky for all involved.