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Feb 28, 2012 07:28 PM

Question: Anniversary dinner in Rome - which restaurant?

Hiya Chowhound -

I was wondering which restaurant should we go to for our anniversary in Rome?

1. Pipero al rex
2. All'oro
3. Metamofosi
4. Antico Arco

or maybe you'd suggest something else???


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  1. We have been suggesting anniversary restaurants for years. Check old threads for many opinions. Your question is practically like Should I wear the red dress or the blue dress? How should we total strangers know? They are all very good and suitable for a special occasion. Pipero and Metamorfosi are the fanciest, All'oro and Antico Arco more youthful and casual, but still up there.

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    1. re: mbfant

      Thanks for your input -- and your right. I actually picked these restaurants by reading blogs and chowhound posts - but I really wanted some opinions about which one of these wow'ed people. I posted a couple of days ago explaining that we were looking for a restaurant that had creative flavors and presentation but was still more "This is delicious" than "This is beautiful" - unfortunately no one replied to that post - so I tried something more specific.

      Your descriptions of "fancy" vs. "youthful and casual" help - I think we are more into the latter - but at the end of the day we want great food - so given your choice of these or anything that was 100E or less a person what would you pick if the focus was great and exciting food?

      thanks again.

      1. re: FeministCupcake

        Having recently gone to Pipero, and planning to return this Sat. I have no qualms saying that it will wow you. On top of that, it is a beautiful, romantic space and Alessandro Pipero makes a charming (English speaking--though he spoke to us in Italian as soon as he realized we were comfortable with it) host.

        1. re: GeraldI

          i am so thrilled you are hooked on Pipero!!! Alessandro is wonderful the food is outstanding and as you say it covers the atmosphere and romance bases perfectly. Great anniversary spot!

          correct me if im wrong but the tasting menu is €80-90 per person.

          1. re: katieparla

            Correct, Katie, 80 euros. BTW, my wife and I spent 36 hours in Naples and hit four pizzerias (we are committed to food and wine). Da Michele remains our favorite, but La Notizia and its owner Enzo are terrific. I'll do a write up soon.

            1. re: GeraldI

              I made a reservation Pipero al Rex! I can't wait - Katie, I also bought Rome for Foodies -- thank you for the amazing resource!

              1. re: FeministCupcake

                Hooray! I hope you enjoy Pipero! And thanks very much for buying my app! hope you enjoy it too:)

              2. re: GeraldI

                Da Michele and La Notizia--quite a contrast! They might both be pizzerias but what comes out on the plate is so different! looking forward to your write up!

      2. Of the four you mention, I'd say the least 'wow' worthy is Antico Arco.
        All'Oro and Metamofosi are equally wowish.
        I haven't been to Pipero al Rex, but trust those who have, (see Katie's comments) and would say it's up there.
        So....hard to tell you what to do! FYI, two years ago we went to All'Oro for our anniversary. This year, Metamorfosi.Both were extraordinary anniversary experiences. Hope I don't have to wait till next year for Pipero!

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        1. re: minchilli

          Elizabeth -

          I also bought your apps and they are equally informative!! So, thank you too! I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of other questions -- first, we booked Glass for our last night in Italy , thoughts in comparison to the others you mentioned? Secondly, have you been to La Petraia in Tuscany? We are going there for the day from Florence - and I was wondering if you had any thoughts --