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Feb 28, 2012 06:42 PM

Are there any good restaurants near Cumming/off 400?

We're visiting family next week and my husband and I would really like to get out for a nice meal. Our previous attempts to eat try recommended places near Cumming have been very disappointing, and we'd like to try and avoid going into Atlanta because the drive back is tiring at the end of a long night out. Are there any options we could try this time around? We'd be wiling to go down to Alpharetta. We're open to any cuisines although usually prefer strong, bright flavors (Asian, South American, etc.) but not steakhouses.

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  1. In Alpharetta there are a couple of good spots. For Steak houses, I would recommend the following:

    Pampas Brazilian Steakhouse
    Ray's at Killer Creek

    Some might recommend Cabernet but if you do not like pervasive and oppresive cigar smoke smell, then I would avoid it.

    Hope these help!

    1. Try Rico's World Kitchen in Buford if you don't mind a small, eastward drive (20-25 min). Inventive, fun and inexpensive, it's worth a short trip

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        Rico's World Kitchen looks great! I was just laughing though because they are very efficient in their use of fried green tomatoes in several dishes.

        samlev - I actually meant steakhouses were not preferred, but especially if those are the best options in general in the area we'd be open. I'll check out their menus.

      2. Sushi Nami in Alpharetta will compete with any sushi restaurant around. Great small plates at well