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Feb 28, 2012 06:00 PM

Weehawken or thereabouts

I've got a friend coming in from out of state staying in Weehawken this week & I'd like to take him out somewhere nearby although I'm not familiar with the area at all, Not into crossing the river. Open to all sorts of eats, particularly ethnic, reasonably priced, BYOB or not.

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  1. Beyti Kabob is technically in Union City but across the street from Weehawken on Park ave. Turkish Kabab house. Used to go all the time. There is Ruth Chris steakhouse by the waterfront. Chart house too with a great so food. There are Cuban/Hispanic restaurants around too, but I don't know particular names. Hoboken is close by with more choices.

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      La Isla in Hoboken is good Cuban but it is small, other than that I am not a huge fan of anything here in Hoboken. If you drive up River Road toward Edgewater there are other Cuban places up the road on the left. Rutherford has a place called the Mambo Tea House which is really good Cuban as well.

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        we went to the Pilsner Haus Biergarten in Hoboken, less than a mile a way from my friend's hotel...AWESOME....we had the BEST mussels I've ever eaten, a fabulous steak tartar, giant pretzel & and various wursts...Great vibe.. I'm kinda in love with this place & my only regret is it's distance from my house in Bergen county. I heartily recommend this place & will be back myself

        Pilsner Haus
        1422 Grand Street Hoboken, NJ 07030
        (201) 281-0271