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Merguez sausages or sandwiches on the Westside?

ChloeinLA Feb 28, 2012 05:02 PM

Hi: I'm looking for authentic merguez sausages and sandwiches on the Westside. By authentic, I mean skinny, reddish colored, with complex spices, and made from lamb.

I've tried Whole Foods and Lindy and Grundy and I don't find them up to par.

  1. Michelly Feb 28, 2013 09:45 AM

    Wurstkuche in Venice had merguez sausages. Haven't tried them yet, but you might check it out.

    1. f
      foodhappy Feb 25, 2013 03:15 PM

      Bay Cities has them in the freezer section.

      1. m
        mergueeeeez Aug 16, 2012 08:31 PM

        Try the little next door but ask for it on baguette not on flat bread. Hands down Payless has the best Merguez for the price! better than Macalls by leaps and bounds.

        1. Will Owen Mar 1, 2012 02:48 PM

          I am forgetting the name of the French joint in the Helms complex, right on the corner at the northeast end. My brother-in-law and his wife are nuts for merguez and loved the sandwiches they got when the family dropped in. Oh, La Dijonnaise? Something like that. I enjoyed my meal enough to suggest it as a place to go if you're close by and feeling Frenchy, but I wouldn't go there as a destination from Pasadena.

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          1. re: Will Owen
            sel Mar 1, 2012 04:55 PM

            Hi Will, La Dijonaise is the bakery/cafe near FO2 but it's at the southeast corner of the old Helms Bakery at Helms Ave. X Washington Blvd.


            1. re: Will Owen
              ChloeinLA Mar 2, 2012 02:52 PM

              I've had merguez there. They use fabrique delices or something else industrial.

            2. j
              Jase Feb 29, 2012 07:49 PM

              Have you checked out the Halal market next to Sofra Kebab on Venice? They carry merquez sausages that I found pretty tasty and inexpensive. They have lamb shanks and chops too.

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              1. re: Jase
                ChloeinLA Mar 1, 2012 08:03 AM

                Do you mean Mustapha's merguez? He's at Payless International market now. I like his merguez too. But they don't sell merguez sandwiches.

                Anyway, Cafe Livre sells the sandwiches and the sausages. Went there yesterday and it is the best merguez I've had in a long time. They get the fat ratio just right too.

                1. re: ChloeinLA
                  Jase Mar 1, 2012 08:16 PM

                  No, there's a halal grocery store there that has a butcher case with the merquez sausages. I can't recall the name or find it online, sorry. But it's next to Sofra Kebab.

                  1. re: Jase
                    ChloeinLA Mar 1, 2012 08:27 PM

                    I know that place. It's most South Asian halal right? Actually I recall that Mustapha who is not the butcher at Payless International used to have a small couscous place in the spot that Sofra occupies now.

                    1. re: ChloeinLA
                      Jase Mar 1, 2012 08:32 PM

                      I think so, don't go there enough. I just pop in once in a while to grab the sausages or the shanks or chops if that's what I'm looking for.

                      1. re: Jase
                        ChloeinLA Mar 2, 2012 02:51 PM

                        What was I thinking? I'm at Sofra now, payless international is right next door.

                        1. re: ChloeinLA
                          Jase Mar 2, 2012 05:14 PM

                          You're fine. I'm the one that's addled. Payless International Market was the grocery I was thinking of. My inability to recall the name confused the situation.

                          As for not having sandwiches, I mistook your query as asking for any place that carried them since you mentioned other grocery stores. Apologies for the confusion.

                          1. re: Jase
                            Feed_me Feb 24, 2013 09:28 PM

                            I was in Sofra Kabab on Thursday. While I was waiting for my food I went into Payless. You have to walk through Payless to enter Sofra if you're parked in the rear. The butcher/deli area had beef merguez sausages in continuous links for $6.99/lb. I didn't notice other types of merguez sausages, but I'm sure you can google and get the number and call to enquire. The OP was looking for lamb sausages.

                            1. re: Feed_me
                              bulavinaka Feb 24, 2013 09:43 PM

                              I've tried them, and while they taste good, they are quite oily/greasy.

                              1. re: bulavinaka
                                Jase Feb 24, 2013 10:25 PM

                                Extra flavor, I use some rice to mop it up. LOL!

                              2. re: Feed_me
                                Jase Feb 24, 2013 10:30 PM

                                On a tangent, the market side of Don Felix has a lamb and beef sausage. It's pretty tasty, only $3.99 a pound, good lamb flavor, a little spicy. They also have chorizo and oaxaqueno suasages for $3.49 a pound.

                2. b
                  Burger Boy Feb 29, 2012 06:33 PM

                  Buy some at Huntington Meats in The Original Farmer's Market at 3rd & Fairfax, they make a variety of sausage and I have never had a bad one!

                  1. j
                    JudiAU Feb 28, 2012 09:58 PM

                    Have you tried Macalls lamb merguez? My favorite in town in a nice lamb casing. Great with lentils.

                    1. A5 KOBE Feb 28, 2012 09:14 PM

                      Try Hadar on Fairfax. They are fantastic.

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                      1. re: A5 KOBE
                        Mattapoisett in LA Feb 28, 2012 09:39 PM

                        Try Normandie Bakery and Cafe
                        3022 South Cochran Ave [at Jefferson Bl]
                        Los Angeles CA 90016

                        1. re: Mattapoisett in LA
                          Feed_me Feb 28, 2012 10:36 PM

                          Maattapoisett in LA beat me to it, but here's a link to the menu of the place with the sandwich listed. http://chefjosette.com/nc/normandie-c... I know they used to have the sausages prepackaged in the refrigerated display. They also have a place in the Farmer's Market on 3rd Street, but it sounds like it sells baked goods. Not sure how the sausages stack up against the specialty places mentioned above.

                      2. m
                        mrfood16 Feb 28, 2012 06:56 PM

                        Jeff's Sausages on Pico is quite good. I've also heard that Got Kosher also on Pico makes a good Merguez, but I haven't tried it.

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                        1. re: mrfood16
                          SIMIHOUND Feb 28, 2012 09:08 PM

                          Second Jeff's for sure. Merguez is his specialty.

                        2. TonyC Feb 28, 2012 05:20 PM

                          Cafe Livre:
                          Chef Zadi has been tweeting about his "new" merguez burger this week:

                          That's the Westside, and I think it doesn't get more "authentic" than that.

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                          1. re: TonyC
                            ChloeinLA Feb 29, 2012 10:22 AM

                            Thanks. Googled for photos and found out that Zadi makes merguez sausages and sandwiches too.

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