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Feb 28, 2012 04:55 PM

Lobster ravioli sauce

I just bought some lobster ravioli at Costco and I'm not exactly sure what to top it with. I've had it in restaurants before with some kind of butter sauce. Any ideas out there? The pasta itself is reddish as it has tomato in it. Thanks!

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  1. a classic is brown butter with sage.

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      Sage with lobster???

      I'd make a short-cut quick Sauce Americaine:

      Saute some shallots in butter. Add some finely diced tomato. Then deglaze with white wine til practically dry. Add a cup of cream, 1-2 tbl good brandy, and some shopped tarragon. Also something for heat like cayenne or crushed red pepper. If using crushed red pepper or fresh chilis, saute with the shallots.

    2. chop up an onion roughly, puree it in your blender, with garlic and some olive oil. Saute that slowly for 5-10 min. Then add some tomato paste to taste - probably 2-6 TB. Add kosher salt and fresh ground pepper to taste. Crush in 1-2 TB of dried fenugreek leaves (cheap at any Indian market) and saute for 2 min. Good as is but I'd stir in a touch of balsamic vinegar and some coconut milk. Creamy and AWESOME. It won't overpower the lobster and bring out very interesting flavors. You can add a TOUCH of chili paste (rooster brand - same as srirachi sauce) but I'd be anxious about doing that with lobster - don't want to hide it ...

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      1. I had lobster ravioli served with a saffron cream sauce in a restaurant in upstate NY many years ago that still haunts my memory. I don't have a specific recipe to offer but there are many that come up w/ a google search.

        1. Shrimp newburg! I know I'll be hollered at because mine isn't traditional, as it has tomato paste. But I like it. I peel and shell the shrimp, then set aside the meat and make a quick shrimp broth with the tails. Just ten minutes covered with water on simmer and you get a lot of flavor. Then, I finely chop shallots and saute them in a good hunk of butter. Stir in a dollop of tomato paste and saute it for a minute or so to get rid of the raw tomato flavor. Deglaze with sherry, then add salt, pepper, nutmeg, your shrimp both. Cook to thicken a bit and taste, seasoning as you wish. At the end, add a dash of cream. You don't even need the shrimp part, and can do a basic newburg alone, but I like the added protein and flavor of the broth.

          1. i like lobster ravioli with a sauce made thusly: sautee fine chopped shallots (~2) in butter (2-3 tbsp) until softened. deglaze pan with a cup of sherry, white wine, or if we are feeling really fancy (and hey, lobster ravioli = fancy), champagne. cook the sauce down to about half, turn heat down, then add 1/2 cup heavy cream and warm through. makes about a cup's worth of sauce. yum.