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Jan 6, 2002 03:16 PM

Truckee, Tahoe City Area

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I need recommendations for restaurants in Truckee, Tahoe City, North Lake Tahoe area. Thanks.

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    torta basilica

    Sole Domain right on the Cal/Nev border is very good. Old miner's cabin - can't remember specifically what we ate, but all was delicious & excellent breads. Plus, they had MacCrostie Chardonnay on the wine list, so I was doubly-impressed! Don't recommend the breakfast buffet at the Hyatt (restaurant on the lake), but is very nice for evening drinks and we had an enjoyable, if not spectaular dinner there. The setting & view are gorgeous.

    Tahoe City is pretty cheesy/sleezy - have stayed there before & don't recall ever having a memorable meal.

    We were there 2 summers ago.

    1. There isn't much happening in Tahoe City. What passes for gourmet is overpriced.

      I like going to Sunnyside Lodge. It is the best location (right on the lake, and you can choose between burgers in the bar, or more formal dining in in the Chris Craft room.

      The ambiance is terrific, and the staff is very friendly, and pricing is very fair. The website is at

      1. If--heaven forfend--the Lake dried up, the mountains flattened, and the casinos closed, we'd still drive up to North Shore for Jean Pierre Doignon's superb (and reasonably priced) cooking at Le Bistro in Incline (across from Hyatt in mall).

        It's open year round, but check to be sure it's not closed for a brief vacation.

        The incredibly gifted Burgundian chef cooked at late, great La Cheminee in King's Beach till the state took the place by eminent domain. His meals are somewhat less elaborate here because of lower pirces and a different clientele, but his brilliance shines no less.

        We bring our own, but the wine list appears excellent too.

        Final plus: despite its NV address, this is a nonsmoking establishment.

        1. The Swiss Lakewood on 89 just south of Tahoe City is great as is Wolfdales in Tahoe City and Grahams at Squaw Valley.

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            Last summer a waiter who works part time at Swiss told us it was finally going to close (it's been there for darn near ever).

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            Randy Salenfriend

            Ok, as an ex-San Diegan, current San Franciscan and frequent Lake Tahoe visitor, I will reveal our secret spot, in the interest of good karma and Chowhound love.

            Boulevard Cafe & Trattoria
            6731 N. Lake Blvd.
            Tahoe Vista

            Keep it quiet though.


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              I looked at the menu at Boulevard and was reminded of all the things I don't care for at most North Shore restaurants, even those that do a fair job. (We stay within spitting distance of Boulevard but have declined to go--now I remember why.)

              Everything is five times busier--what I call "gooped up"--than I think good cooking should ever be. To me, a danger sign is strong cheeses added to virtually every item, as if the basic ingredients appropriate to the dish can't hold up on their own--which, of course, is often the case with the frozen stuff so many places in resorts resort to.

              Last summer we stayed one night longer than usual and went only once rather than our usual twice to Le Bistro, so I got a larger does than usual of what began to seem like the same menu everywhere, which I would stare at till tears collected behind my lids hoping to find something promising to order. I rarely did.

              No one has mentioned--can't remember exact name, Jack Rabbit something, Moon, I think--in one of the mini-malls on the main highway in Incline. We went year before last and year before that. It was better than North Shore average, in my opinion, if not exactly my cup of tea. Fairly pricy but pretty serious in their efforts.

              It's hard enough to maintain topnotch staff in town, much harder up there, and so easy to cater to the lowest common denominator. After all, new bodies arrive every day and have to eat. Only restaurateurs and chefs with the highest standards will not succumb to the temptation to "give the public what it expects" instead of what their standards dictate.

              That said, I clearly have no right to contradict your actual experiences at Boulevard with my assumptions and don't mean to sound as though I am doing so.

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                Jackrabbit Moon has been closed. From what I hear, the chefs are moving on to bigger and possibly better adventures.

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                  Jackrabbit Moon has been closed. From what I hear, the chefs are moving on to bigger and possibly better adventures.