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Feb 28, 2012 04:54 PM

Reco's for Catering around Santa Barbara - fish tacos?

I'm looking for an affordable caterer in the Santa Barbara area that can do fresh fish tacos, as well as some other types of tacos, maybe tri tip? I don't want anything too straight Mexican, more so SoCal...any suggestions???

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  1. Crocodile does catering and are in contention for some of the best fish tacos in Santa Barbara.

    Las Aves does catering and fish tacos as well but is more Mexican. "Affordable" can mean a lot of things. There as lots of private caterers also - one person operations with serving staff.

    A very old stand-by is the Jolly Brothers Catering -they use one of the recreation center kitchens which keeps their prices down - every party I went to years ago where they catered always had great food. Surprised they are still around but I would definitely see what the can offer to give you a base line.