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Feb 28, 2012 04:31 PM

2012 CSA (Foxtail vs. Harmony Valley)

Any recommendations on which CSA to go with? We have narrowed our choices down to Foxtail and Harmony Valley but need to decide SOON.

Thank you!

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  1. I am not familiar with Foxtail, but I have had a Harmony Valley CSA for about 5 years now. My husband and I get the every other week veggie and the full fruit share. The only complaints we have is, with the veggies, the end of the season can get a little monotonous (only so much radish you can eat!) and, with the fruit, sometimes our entire box will be ripe RIGHT AWAY and there is no possible way to eat it all. We tried their cheese share, but found it to be too much of the same...lots of cheddar, not so much exciting stuff.

    1. We used Harmony Valley for the first time last year, and will definitely do it again this year.

      An aspect of them which I really like is the concentration on heirloom varieties. So you end up with a lot of things that may be difficult to impossible to find elsewhere. This could be a possible downside for those who don't like to experiment with new things. But we really enjoyed it.

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        I'm curious as to what you received, particularly heirlooms? Did you get big shipments of heirloom tomatoes in the fall?

        1. re: Diana_mn

          Yes! We usually get gorgeous potatoes and tomatoes...never would have known I liked black tomatoes and purple potatoes without Harmony Valley.

          1. re: forgottendreamr

            Beets, carrots, radish? Lots of funky variety?

            Black tomatoes in general are a favorite. Seek out Green Zebra tomatoes, they are a favorite of the 24 or so variety I've grown.

            1. re: semanticantics

              Thank you all for the advice. I decided to go with Harmony Valley. Can't wait! Let the growing season begin.