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Feb 28, 2012 03:29 PM

Restaurant Week! [February 26 - March 2, 2012]

Hubby and I went to Cafe and Bar Lurcat for restaurant week - in part due to the larger selection of choices on the $30 menu. We had been there a few times when it first opened and were not impressed. The service was poor, the food was ok. I remember it being incredibly expensive for the quality.

When we were seated, I realized my server was Jonna, formerly with Masu. She expertly navigated us thru the menu and provided us smart suggestions which made us very happy. We started with the crab cake and apple/cheese salad. The crab cake was DELICIOUS! Lots of crab, little filler. The mustard sauce that accompanied it was incredible. The apple/cheese salad was good – but did not hold a candle to the crab cake. Jonna told us we need to try the bacon jam with the pork tenderloin. So happy she did because it was one of the best things I’ve had in a long while. We also had the barramundi which was delicious but a bit salty for my taste. One recommendation – get the roasted cauliflower. AMAZING! Both entrees did not come with a vegetable, so the side dish was perfect to split. We ended with the chocolate cream cake and date cake with oatmeal stout Izzy ice cream. What impressed me is the portions were the same as if you were to order of the regular menu. We were absolutely stuffed and we left feeling we got our money’s worth and more.

Any one else have experiences to share? It is only Tuesday. I am looking for another place to try!

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  1. I went to Fogo on Monday, which is always great for any carnivore. Their standard meat madness plus a complimentary dessert choice.

    A few things of note about this trip, and my past (8-10) experiences at Fogo:

    1) The service is incredible. The dining room seats probably 300+ people and it doesn't seem like there is ever a moment when my plate gets empty. After you've been seated a while, one of the captains (or whatever you'd like to call them) will ask if there is anything in particular you would like more of. Once that happens, those choices will start appearing within a minute or two.

    2) The servers are very receptive to desire meat temperature. I asked for sirloin at medium rare, he started to cut and saw it was more medium...asked me if I would like a different piece. I said OK and he was back in a few minutes with a brand new hunk of meat and cut off a perfectly medium rare piece.

    3) In general, I avoid all the chicken and pork items, as they all tend to be dry. This a product of them (chicken breast and pork tenderloin, specifically) being cut into ~1.5" chunks and going from fine to overdone quickly.

    4) My top 3 choices are: bottom sirloin (incredible), ribeye (darn near fork tender), and lamb leg. I basically get those in rotation. Throw in a little garlic beef for good measure.

    5) There were about 8 dessert options and every thing looked pretty solid, ranging from key lime pie to turtle cheesecake to chocolate mousse cake to panna cotta and creme brulee. After a meal like that, dessert doesn't even seem possible, but we found a way.

    If you've never been, this is a nice opportunity, since you're saving >$25 off the normal price of dinner and dessert.

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      They do wonderful things with beef and lamb there.

    2. I had such horrible experiences at THREE different restaurants the last time I did Restaurant Week, that I've refused to ever do it again. Glad you had a good experience though!

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        Yawn, I think restaurant week has been played out. It's easy to get RW fatigue when they do it four times a year. MSP mag seems to be hyping it a lot more this time around, with articles and even recommendations from their editor. Or maybe they always do this and this is the first time I've noticed.

        I think there are several restaurants on the list that dumb down their menu to the point that it does not represent a good value. In the past I left Meritage and Cosmos feeling completely unsatisfied. I've never been but Ruth's Chris options are an 8 oz filet, a chicken breast, or salmon. How exciting.

        The Damico restaurants seem to offer a good value. So does Capital Grille.

        And I think I've said this all before....

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          The most amusing one this time around is Stella's. Entrees are steak, fish stew, or salmon. You can get salmon just about anywhere. How about something that's more focused on, say, a fish cafe?

      2. My husband and I went to Campiello last night and had the restaurant week menu. They had a large number of appetizer and entree choices plus 3 dessert choices. Our appetizer choices were the house salad and the cauliflower frties. The salad was the standard size house salad and the cauliflower was probably half the regular appetizer size which is still plenty. Both were fresh and tasty. Husband had the hangar steak with panzanella. The steak was cooked in the wood fire oven and tasted smoky and spicy. The panzanella was made with baby arugula and had both sundried and cherry tomatoes. I had the spit fire chicken with mushroom and spinach risotto. The chicken was moist and the skin crispy. The risotto had flavorful mushrooms, quite a bit if spinach and Parmesan. I had the cheesecake crepes for dessert. Our waiter said they were his favorite and I would have to agree. There were 2 folded creepes frilled with a great cheesecake filling. On top was an apple compote. Husband had a small flour less chocolate cake that was served with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream.

        Except for the birthday party table group who was really loud and had 4 balloon bouquets around the table, we were pleased with our evening - both service and food.

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          Yes, the D'Amico restaurants seem to offer a good value. I went to Campiello several RW's ago for $10 lunch and it was very nice.

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            I was at D'Amico in the Chambers Hotel for dinner last night and did the restaurant week menu. The food was outstanding (lamb meatballs, pork osso buco with saffron risotto and chocolate panna cotta). I mean, seriously delicious. All regular portion size. It was a really great deal as to get that at normal prices it would have been at least $20 more.