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Feb 28, 2012 02:37 PM

Are there any good Reno restaurants with patios?

My husband and I will be passing through Reno with our goldendoodle. We can't leave Maddy in our hotel room and don't want to leave her in the car (unless we can see the car from our seat in a restaurant)

We will be staying overnight at the Staybridge Suites south of the Reno-Tahoe Airport. I've been reading about so many good restaurants on threads (such as La Fuente in Sparks, Miguels, Thai Chili) but wondered if any of these places might have a pet friendly patio? (we are not interested in all you can eat buffets)

Can you recommend anything close to our hotel rather than driving back into downtown Reno?. If not, we will gladly drive extra for a good meal (nothing fancy)


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  1. Right now most of the patios are closed due to the cold weather. It is only 41 at noon today and that will be be typical of lunch and dinner times for the next few weeks. The Wild River Grill on the River Walk downtown has a pet friendly patio as do several other eateries in that area.
    May through October are the better times for patio dining in this area, but the weather can be fickle... I've seen it snow every month of the year here in Northern Nevada.

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    1. re: NVJims

      We will be in Reno Oct 1 (I like to plan in the future!).

    2. Not sure if it's Pet friendly, but the Grill at Quail Corners has a nice patio and good food.
      The Stone House Cafe has a patio, but the food is inconsistent. I would also check ahead to see if they'll let you bring your dog.
      775 Gastropub has outdoor seating, too. I would also check with them.

      None of these are especially close to the hotel.

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        We will be in town on a Sunday and unfortunately, the Grill at Quail Corners is closed. The Wild River Grill is open 7 days a week. so perhaps that will be a good choice for us.

      2. Campo, which is downtown on the river, has a great patio. It's got sunny and shaded areas, tables and also Victorian settees. I don't know if they allow dogs. It's our fave place in all of Reno/Tahoe for food. Here's their link: BTW, from the airport to downtown is a very quick trip. Here's another link to the Riverwalk Dining District, some have outdoor seating and some don't. Have a great time.