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monday @ camino [Oakland]

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As always Camino is both great and not so much.

We were there last night.

Space never ceases to impress--beautiful. But so noisy.

Servers/hostess personable. But not totally on top of things (eg. we asked twice for bread; and even after the second request, took a while--we were there really late; and there was a big stack of pain epi's by the far wall--wondered what they were going to do w/ them--and wondering if the stack was so large, because it never got to the table!).

Tequila drink w/ blood orange juice perfection.

Some food brilliant. The best crab anywhere imo (great seasoning; and that wood fire is something else). Asparagus, pancetta, black trumpet mushrooms, also done in the wood fire, great. Pork salad ditto. Crab and kimchee soup and veg that came w/ the nicely prepared lamb were almost too salty to eat.

Feels like they're so close to terrific--but don't quite get there. That said, we're happy to return.

3917 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610

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  1. I do think Mondays are some of their busiest because it's their specials night. I've been many times on other days and have not found it noisy. In fact, I think of it as a place to go for a relaxing time and conversation that can be heard.