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Feb 28, 2012 02:23 PM

How to control humidity in a curing chamber for charcuterie/salumi?

So I was able to get a hold of a wine fridge (vinotemp 18 bottle) to use as a drying chamber for a pancetta I am currently curing. So that takes care of the temperature part, but the fridge doesn't come with any humidity control, so what are some good ways to do that? The only way I've heard of so far is to put a bowl of super-saturated salt water in it, but I am unsure of how stable the humidity would be using that method and how to adjust the humidity levels.

I am looking for ways that are the most cost-effective and low tech, so I am trying to avoid tearing apart and/or drilling into my brand new wine fridge or buying expensive equipment.

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    1. re: rcspott

      Interesting, but again that involves alot of drilling and high end equipment

      guess I'll have to stick with the bowl of salt water

      1. re: takadi

        Well ... here's a crazy thought. But perhaps ...? Some of your local wild meat processing (deer) facilities may well have the proper equipment for this, as some of them will make large quantities of venison and other sausage. So they might be willing to let you use their space for a nominal charge? I get large quantities of deer from mine, including sausage and such and he does all the heavy lifting - I just pay him for the processed and butchered meat (it's not even my deer - I don't want to get up at 2-3 am and then hike for miles and sit in a tree stand - no thanks!). But I love the venison!