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Mike's Bistro v. Le Carne Grill

I have a friend visiting and I want to take him out. I'm thinking either Mike's Bistro or Le Carne Grill. I haven't been to either place in years, but enjoyed them both the times I have been them. Are they still doing good things?

I was also thinking about one of the meat Indian places, PrimeKo (which I have been to recently), Abigaels, or maybe even Clubhouse for the hip factor.


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  1. No competition imo. Mike's is MUCH better in just about every way.

      1. I like Mikes. But I have not been to Le Carne in a while.

        What about Mikes vs Prime KO

        1. Agree with all of the above. I've only eaten at Le Carne twice, neither time in the last year, but I've found the food looks much better than it tastes.

          1. i like prime ko, but if it's between mike's or le carne, i guess i'd go with mikes.

            1. Been to Le Carne twice recently. Food is mediocre, service is poor, ambiance is awful, and prices are outrageous. Mike's is an absolute no brainer

              1. M to the the Nth over la carne G

                  1. Mike's has the best overall experience (food, ambience, service, etc.), but PrimeKO, Abigail's and Clubhouse can also be great too depending on what you are looking for and what you order.

                      1. We ended up going to Mike's, getting the tasting menu, and sitting in the backroom on the ground floor. I must say, the meal was delicious, but a little disappointing. It lacked pizzazz or wow, or some amorphous concept like that. Maybe it was the back room (both times I had been there previously I sat upstairs, and I think I once sat in the front in the previous incarnation of what was there). I must say though, I enjoyed Mike discussing with us the courses. The food was good and special, but it wasn't as good or special as I would have wanted.