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Feb 28, 2012 02:19 PM

Help--Jury Duty in White Plains

Any suggestions for a fast, close lunch other than the disgusting food court in the Galleria?? Thanks!!

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  1. Ugh! I once did jury duty in White Plains, and that building is in a particularly dreary part of the town. But, if I'm not mistaken, you're not too far from the building with the Motor Vehicles that has the very good Asian market, whose name I forget. Anyway, as I recall, they serve food in the market, and though I have never eaten there, most of the customers were Asian, so it must be pretty authentic.

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      Camille's Cafe on Bank Street. Nice casual for wraps and sandwiches and on mamaroneck avenue a few blocks from the court house there are plenty of choices for a quick meal.

    2. I served in September. Fortunately, I never did have to eat lunch.

      1. Kam Sen is the name of the Asian Market Roxlet is referring to and it is authentic there is a bakery section, bbq chicken,duck, ribs, pork... and prepared dishes all very inexpensive

        same mall : sports page and Bao's

        you could probably call on the way over to pre order your lunch

        I have not been to Bao's in several years so I can't vouch for the food at this time and I have never been to sports page but know people who enjoy it, hope you are dismissed before you have to make a decision


        more Americanized Chinese

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          Jam Sam, that was it. Thanks chowdom!

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            We're liking Bao's a lot these days for Americanized Chinese, but also some more surprising things on their New Years menu. For example, I recently had a seafood pancake (crisp, not greasy) over mixed veggies--very good.

          2. County or federal court?

            If it's county court, you could get a $6.50 Dominican lunch special at Karamba on Main Street. Food's pretty good and they get you in and out of there pretty quickly. The Iron Tomato and Turkish Cuisine on Mamaroneck Avenue are also decent options. You're also pretty close to Roberto's a decent Mexican place on E Post Road at Grand Street.

            If it's federal court, it's a short walk to E Post Road, where there are are a couple of more Mexican options, including Cancun Delights and Veracruz. Haven't been to those places, but have heard good things.

            Kam Sen would be a good, quick choice as well, but the White Plains Mall is slightly further away from the courthouses.

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              I was going to mention Karamba ( I loved their cuban sandwich ) but couldn't remember if it was too far from the courthouse. I agree with all of your suggestions and would add Ambadi, also on East Post, for Indian (probably the quickest service)

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                Also there's that great Peruvian place a block up from Veracruz, it's in the old 1950's style diner. great soups, ceviche, and other dishes, with daily specials. I go there once a month.

                1. re: JMF

                  I love that place! El Misti, maybe? Had an truly delicious chicken and rice dish (among other things).

              2. I work in this's a wasteland for dining. Karamba and Bao's are good, and Iron Tomato is good if you can get down to Mamaroneck AVe. Mix-it-Up is also good for salads (Mamaroneck Ave). Not much beyond that. My office building - 50 Main Street/11 Martine - has a decent cafe for sandwiches and salads, so that is where we usually eat.

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                1. re: scarsdalesurprise

                  wasteland for dining? you have mexican, indian, peruvian, great pub food such as lazy boy, chinese at kam sen, royal scarlet for amazing sandwiches, and so much more. maybe a 5-10 block walk to so much deccent food.

                  1. re: JMF

                    yeah how is that a wasteland especially for lunch fare SS? bao's is not my favorite I'd rather go to kam sen or aberdeen. there is such a glut of certain types of places in WP it's comical. 2 lola's will be within a block of one another shortly 1 mexican & the other dominican...

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                      Unfortunately with just a shade over an hour for lunch, a 5-10 block walk isn't feasible...again I ask, anything CLOSE to the county courthouse for a decent QUICK lunch? Thanks!

                      1. re: Marge

                        Where exactly is the COUNTRY courthouse Marge?

                        1. re: cubanat

                          Typo, meant county. But I'm sure you knew that.

                        2. re: Marge

                          The Iron Tomato, Turkish Cuisine and Roberto's are 3 blocks away, and you can grab something quickly from those places.

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                            When I recently spent two weeks commuting into Manhattan for federal jury duty, I got in the habit of calling La Monica in Croton before I left for the train and ordering a sandwich. Then I had a delicious lunch with plenty of time to eat it.

                            1. re: Marge

                              The places that I mention about are 1-3 blocks from the court house. Within less than 5 minute walk are dozens of good places. East Post rd, Maple Ave, and Mamaroneck Ave are covered with tons of good places to eat. Maybe of you should tell us what cuisine you want? Do you want eat in or take out?

                            2. re: JMF

                              To me it's a wasteland because in order to get something decent walking from my buidling, it's at least a ten minute walk either way, and I've killed half my lunchbreak by then.

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                                To be fair, your office building is further from the collection of lunch options than is at least one of the courthouses.

                                1. re: Elisa515

                                  Exactly. A couple of those LOOOOOONG blocks make a difference.