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Feb 28, 2012 02:19 PM

Sur Mesure par Thierry Marx, L'Abeille, Kei, Sola, La Truffiere, Le Diane, Le39V, Le Lumiere, Cobea, Le Quinzieme-Cyril Lignac, Arkrame, Shang Palace, Les Tablettes de JL Nomicos - any reports

These are the newly starred restaurants in this years Michelin guide and apart from Arkrame and Shang Palace I don't recall seeing any mention of them on the board. Has anyone tried them?

In the list is also quite interesting to see who hasn't achieved a Michelin recognition: Spring, Saturne, Agape Substance, CLJ, still no third for Le Cinq (although based on my last meal not a surprise), and not even a bib for Au Passage despite its menu being firmly in the €29 to €35 qualification. Although Chez Casimar does get a bib.

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  1. Also La Table d'Eugène and Le Baratin lost their bibs... :(

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    1. re: Rio Yeti

      Rio - do remember a Bib can only be rewarded if they are in the price band of €29 to €35 so if they raise their prices they disqualify themselves. Often the loss of the bib is not a reflection of a drop in quality but simply rising prices - they may be just as good, simply more expensive.

      1. re: PhilD

        So I would assume that Michelin re-calibrates it price range with requisite frequency? Frankly, I'd just as soon that Table d'Eugene not be under the Bib umbrella. It will free Maillard to do what he does best: invent and cook without worrying about a nickel here or there.

        1. re: mangeur

          In 2005 it was 25 in the provinces and 33 in Paris so it does change, I expect the minimal changes between then and now are firstly a result of the VAT change, and secondly the price sensitivity at this level. Here is the actual wording:

          "Les critères de prix du Bib Gourmand sont très précis : l’établissement doit proposer a minima un menu complet (entrée + plat + dessert) pour un prix maximum de 29 € en province (33 € le week-end) et 35 € à Paris."

          I wonder if Le Baratin's low priced set menu is for two or three courses? My guess is an aspiring chef is less concerned about a bib than a star. The bib is a combination of price and quality and thus limited, a star is simply about the quality of food on the plate (not the service, ambiance etc).

        2. re: PhilD

          It's true that last time I went to Le Baratin, it was more expensive than that. However La Table d'Eugène still has the 35€ menu if I'm not mistaken.

          Anyway I agree with Mangeur, I'd rather Chef Maillard not be preoccupied about this and do his own thing, it just felt sad to me that this place that I love lost something, but it may be for the greater good !

      2. Cyril got a star? Cool. Nice guy...

        1. Oh, and Fogon lost it's star also...

          1. I'm also interested in Shang Palace... has anyone dined there for dinner?

            1. Phil - I have a post that I am updating on the 1* restaurants and others. Unfortunately, I did not label it well. You can find some reviews on the 1* under the post - Business Travel - Paris.

              Would you know how I can rename the post so that other Chow Hounders could easily reference it? Thank you