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Feb 28, 2012 01:50 PM

Traveling to Paris with a child egg/dairy allergy - any tips?

I would love to hear of experiences others might have had handling this. We have traveled to Spain and Morocco and only ran into one problem but in the land of butter (Paris), I am more fearful for her.

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  1. It may be problematic indeed at the restaurant. You want to buy your own fresh food for your child just like you would do in the US.
    If you read the product descriptions, check for these words:
    "milk" == "lait"
    "milk products" == "produits laitiers"
    "egg" == "oeuf"

    1. this comes up from time to time, and the best solution seems to be to have cards like those mentioned here:

      Restaurants with food from the south of France should make for easier choices - the fat of choice in those regions is olive oil (southeast) and goose or duck fat (southwest) -- so should offer more dishes without butter. (not a guarantee)