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Feb 28, 2012 01:50 PM

China King in CTown

China King opened 6 days ago in the old Rainbow Cafe space (Beach near Oxford). I tried it last week but they had not yet stocked more interesting items (e.g. lamb). The menu reminds me a little of King Fung (rice cakes with prok and pickled vegetables, shanghai chow mein, Peking duck with three courses) but also has elements of Taiwan cafe (beef with longhorn peppers, pork with potato silk). I tried the Hon Sue Lamb on rice ($7.50) which was very tender stewed lamb shoulder pieces in a nice brown sauce with too large pieces of ginger and scallion). Great meat, nice sauce but the knife work could have been better. Worth trying for something more complex.

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  1. Interesting about the similarity to King Fung. Someone posted a reveiw on yelp that said it's the same owners as the couple who moved out to open King Fung II in Brookline. Supposedly has many of the same offerings, including the peking duck with 1 day advance notice.

    My mom was given a certificate to that restaurant so we were going to try it this Friday. Wonder if I should give the duck a try.

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      I just got an "Urban Daddy' email that says it is the King Fung couple. Maybe you should try the duck!

      1. re: silver queen

        I got an email from Thrillist saying it's the same people. I'm looking forward to the duck!

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          Sigh, wish I did. Had a middling experience there tonight that I wrote about here:

          The two dishes I did enjoy were solid enough I would go back and try different things. Next time will definitely have to pre-order the duck. $38 for 3 courses.

      2. Does anyone know if they have kept King Fung Garden 2 in Brookline Hills open?

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          KFG 2 website is working; i recommend a name change to King Fung Garden