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Feb 28, 2012 12:46 PM

Help with Bachelor Party planning

I need help with planning a bachelor party. Does anyone have any suggestion for:

1) A restaurant for dinner. (moderate to expensive price range) that can accomadate around 15. Emphasis on a cool atmosphere with a good bar. We're all in our early 30's.

2) A fun bar to go to after dinner.

3) A dive bar to go after the "fun" bar

4) any other gentlemanly pursuits that come to mind (you can message me about this one if you like)


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  1. We need a little help: What is your dollar figure that you want to spend? "Moderate to expensive" is totally subjective to your wallet. When is the party? Where is your hotel located? Will you have access to a car? If no car, is the streetcar, pedicab, cab or walking acceptable modes of transportation?

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    1. re: TaTee

      As far as price, probably 50-75 dollars per person (not including alcohol). The party is on a Thursday in mid-April. We are all staying in the Quarter. I'm staying at the Le Marais. Transportation is not a huge issue since we are all planning on taking cabs or a streetcar. We're not averse to a little walking.

      As an aside, my wife and I have reservations at Restaurant August the night before. I'm definitely the biggest foodie in the group. I have been toying with the idea of Dante's Kitchen for dinner. Another guy has been to Jacque-Imo's several times and thinks that may be a good idea. I was not really impressed with that place but would be willing to settle if no other good options came up. We are definitely NOT looking for a sports bar/frat boy type of place (although things may degenerate into that as the night goes on)

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        Jacque-Imos could be good for you guys - it has mass appeal. Go to the Maple Leaf next door for live music and drinks then move the party on for other activities.

    2. OK, just off the top of my head -

      1) Maurepas, Coquette, Domenica, Herbsaint

      2) Bar Tonique, Mimi's in the Marigny, Pravda

      3) Hi-Ho, All-Ways, Saturn, The Chart Room

      4) Clubs/music on Frenchmen Street.There's like strip clubs and stuff on Bourbon if that's the vibe you're going for.

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        Oh! MiLa for #1 too. I think your idea of Dante's Kitchen is a good one too, FWIW.

        1. re: noradeirdre

          We recently had our dinner at Herbsaint ruined by a Bachelor's party of about 12 or 15 guys. It was so loud that we hurried to eat and skipped dessert.

          Emeril's has a private room that I think may fit 15, although that would be the max. I think they can close off a part of the restaurant for a larger party. Also, Dickie Brennan's has private rooms. Luke too. Tommy's. Many other restaurants too.

        2. No need for a car or cab....

          1) Emerils

          2) Lucy's

          3) Vic's

          4) Do what comes natural.

          1. Port of Call just screams bachelor party to me.

            1. OK., let's start with a "private room," for dinner. I would look to G W Fins, as they have a private room, right off the main dining room, and we have had 12, easily seated there. The food is local seafood, with local preps. It is "mid-range," price-wise, and has always been great.

              Now, just down the street, I think you will like Arnaud's French 75 Bar (note: Aunaud's also has some good private dining too). As an alternate, Antoine's Hermes Bar is a good choice (they also have private dining), and not far away. I also like the Carousel Bar at the Monteleone Hotel, just "up the street," and that might be a good place to end the night?

              Otherwise, others can help with the "dive bar," to welcome in the dawn... [Grin]