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Dairy Birthday Cake

Any ideas on where I can get an affordable dairy bday cake in Manhattan or that will deliver in Manhattan?
Tried My Most Favorite, which is crazy expensive. Fairway has not answered my millions of calls. What am I forgetting? Would like to get it from a place with a legit hashgacha, so no Crumbs or anything like that. Thanks!

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  1. some costcos have a kosher bakery with very good dairy cakes - not sure about manhattan one. What about ice cream?

    1. Does the Costco in Manhattan have kosher cakes? In terms of Fairway I'd suggest going and seeing what they have rather than trying to call.

      1. also, I believe the cheesecakes at omaha steaks are kosher

        1. This is not exactly chow worthy; but what about Carvel or Haagen Dazs cakes?

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            You can try Sapienza in Elmont

            They are under the Chof-K. If the order is big enough they may deliver?

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              This is definitely the way to go if you can swing it - their stuff is awesome!

          2. Does Butterflake make milchig cakes? I know they make some things milchig.

            1. Isn't there a baker inside Seasons (ne Supersol) and there is for sure a bakery inside the new Prime butcher on the UES. I doubt it's not pareve though.

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                Prime Butcher/Baker's stuff is all pareve according to the little article in the New York Times Dining section recently.

              2. I second Fairways market. Go and look at what they have. Their milchig cakes are really good and their prices seem fair. Additionally if you want to go to the Bronx an S & S cheesecake is always a hit. I only suggest going to the bakery, or if closed the store next to it, because you will have unbelievable cheesecake that is truly fresh.

                1. Juniors Cheesecakes are also kosher.

                  1. Could you tell me what a dairy cake is?

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                      I'm assuming you have somehow mistakenly stumbled onto the kosher board accidentally. A dairy cake is a cake that has actual dairy products used to make it, i.e.: real butter, milk, cream, etc. Because of kosher restrictions, many cakes for special occasions at kosher meals are made without dairy, as the food at many of these events includes meat. Since kosher-keepers do not eat meat and milk products together, many bakeries tend to make cakes without actual dairy ingredients, since they can be eaten at meals with meat. However, when a meal will be a non-meat meal, sometimes you want a cake made with real butter, cream, etc., since it will probably taste better, at least in the opinion of some. That is clearly what the OP was looking for here.

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                        Why would you say mistaken? Can one that does not observe kosher be interested in the cuisine?

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                          I merely looked at your profile and saw 12 pages of posts on many boards other than the kosher one. And in truth, the kosher board usually, though certainly not always, attracts readers who already know the basics of keeping kosher, and the general terminology. If you plan to stick around here, welcome. But do expect that there will be many other terms you might not know. If that's your way to learn, great, but I'm not sure I'd call "kosher" a cuisine, and I'm not sure there aren't better ways to learn about it.