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Feb 28, 2012 11:29 AM

Gordon Ramsay's Chunky Oven Chips. What did I do wrong?

This recipe looked pretty easy to me. So I followed it and just added some thyme to the potatoes before baking. They didn't crisp up at all. All I have now is thick cut chips shaped roast potatoes. Can anyone please tell me what went wrong?

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  1. If I had to guess, it would be that you overcrowded the pan. They need to be in a low-sided metal sheet pan (no glass baking dishes or double-bottom cookie sheets) and with enough room around them so that each piece has its own little piece of real estate and fully touches the bottom of the pan. Most of the browning will occur on the side that's touching the pan. If they're overcrowded, the moisture escaping the potatoes won't have anywhere to go and will cause them to basically steam instead of roasting. Use two pans if necessary. (This is true anytime you brown/roast something that contains moisture - other vegetables, chunks of meat, etc.)

    Also, be sure to use enough oil. Make sure there's a light but even coating on every piece. Oil conducts heat more directly into the potato, encouraging crisping.

    1. What temp was your oven?

      1. Potato variety can make a difference. Do you know what kind of potato you used?
        Waxy varieties tend to brown more quickly and don't get as crisp.
        Specific to the recipe you used were the potatoes thoroughly dry? if they were not the oil would not adhere to the surface.

        1. Did u let the potatoes get completely dry before popping in the oven?