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Feb 28, 2012 10:11 AM

Travel Meals

Opinions on Meal Mart, etc. packed travel meals?

(And had anybody ever had Glatt Gourmet in Lakewood pack meals for them?)

Thank you!

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  1. I have used the microwave meals from MyOwnMeals ( while traveling. They have about 10 different ones (some dairy) and they are all very good. I've bought them at Glatt Express in Teaneck but I'm sure other stores in NY/NJ sell them as well.

    1. The Meal Mart shelf-stable meals are really quite good for what they are, and are the best of the ones I've tried. There's no self-heating mechanism, but I've immersed them in hot water and they've been fine.

      1. My favorite shelf-stable meals are MyOwnMeals.

        If there are facilities for refrigeration, it's a whole different ball game. Often, the best choice is the nearest, Hermoulis in England/Wales, Andrew in Boston, Prime Grill in New York. And many of these can ship long distances, like from Boston the the National Parks.

        Noah's does a large scale business in this sort of refrigerated meal shipping. They do it well. But so do many regional places. Aroma near Miami for parts of Florida that lack Jewish communities, for example.

        One caution. Places that send only an occassional meal to a hotel sometimes do an amateurish job, i.e., red sauce that leaks from containers all over the concierge.

        1. The LaBriute line is okay, nothing you'd crave if there were alternatives, but a decent product when it's the only game in town.

          1. I strongly concur regarding MyOwnMeals. They have been stalwart companions of mine around the world.