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Feb 28, 2012 08:36 AM

Searching the site -- tips and help?

I know this is "off post", but I just don't know how to search for things on chow. Maybe someone could compose some guidelines as to how to navigate around here.

I search for something & can't find the subject (most times), so I start a new thread & lo & behold, some folks pop up & post a link to that very subject.

What in the world am I doing wrong? Perhaps there is already a thread like that, beats me where it is. Thank you for letting me pop in here.

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    cstout, favorite page this link when you arrive and use it sitewide to search topics, phrases or individual words easily.

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    1. re: HillJ

      I did just that & now it is right where I can find it. Thank you. Now I know where I can look to see if someone has already asked my question.

    2. <What in the world am I doing wrong?>

      One possibility: The default search setting on Chowhound is "past 12 months," so if you don't specify that you want to see older posts, all your search results will be less than a year old. Those of us with long memories will recall that an older thread exists, and link to it. The search function is a lot better than it was when I joined Chowhound, but I often find it more efficient to search through Google. Enter your search terms and "" and you'll get a more complete list of results.

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      1. re: small h

        small h, yes that happened to me quite by accident. I did a search on chowhound, only found a few hits that did not help, so I just googled & up pops back to chowhound...that is what got me to wondering what was going on. Thanks cluing us in.

      2. Here's the latest example of why using Google to search for things on CH is often (if not always) better than the search engine on CH itself.

        A search for "over hyped" (without the quotes)plus user = huiray on CH on General Topics between 1/1/2011 returned this:

        Searching for the same thing on 'All Boards' returned this:

        Searching on Google using the search string over hyped huiray
        returned this answer set:;scl...
        with the thread I was looking for right at the top of the list. (

        Putting in "over hyped" (i.e. with the double quotes) in the search on All Boards on CH turns up just two answers and still does not turn up the thread I wanted. On Google the answer set drops to 3 answers with said desired thread also at the top, plus the two answers that the same search on CH does turn up.

        Oh, that CH thread isn't "locked" either, so one would have thought that it would turn up in the CH searches. (Locked threads normally do not show up in a CH search but will turn up in a Google search)