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Feb 28, 2012 10:08 AM

Baby's First Fest

Hey CHers - I need help planning some meals for the days between Jazz Fest weekends. My wife and I eloped in New Orleans three years ago this May. We went back for our first anniversary but missed the second to stay home with our new born baby boy. We're coming back this year to celebrate our third anniversary and our boy's first birthday...and his first Jazz Fest! I'm looking for any pre-fix lunch recos since we won't be able to dine late most nights (with the exception of our anniversary when we will have a baby sitter). We're staying in the Marigny and won't have a car - that said we like to walk and will use streetcars and cabs to get around. I look forward to your feedback. Thanks in advance.

- Jay

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  1. August, Emeril's, MiLa (m-f 3 courses around $20). Commanders (m-f prix fixe plus 25 cent martinis). Coquette (w-sat. 3 courses $20 $5 wine wed., $5 specialty cocktails thur.).

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    1. re: JazzyB

      Thanks, JazzyB. We were already considering Emeril's for after the LA Children's Museum which in close proximity. Another issue we have to keep in mind is dining without reservations since we're anticipating the baby's naps, feedings, etc. Any thoughts on early dinners or lunch places that don't require reservations.?

      1. re: j.ho

        JF will be hard. Most restaurants take resv. 30 days in advance. Book then.

        Actual fest days, lunch and early dinner should be less of a problem since most folks plan to eat at the fest and dine late afterwards.

        St. James Cheese would work well for lunch, especially if you plan on going to the zoo. Check City Park for activities with your son. It is truly a gem that many overlook. Canal streetcar will drop you at the entrance. Also on the streetcar line: Rue 127, Angelo Brocato, K Jeans (great crawfish, take out only) and Mandinas. Within walking distance: Parkway, Katies. Ralph's is directtly across from City Park Ave park entrance. Lunch fri. only.

        1. re: JazzyB

          We plan to take advantage of all the Fest food on Fest's hard not to. On the days we get to the fairgrounds I don't see going out to dinner in our future. Maybe a sandwich or some fried chicken to take back to the hotel.

          We have been meaning to get to City Park AND the Zoo for years and always seem to find some distraction...but now we have no excuse and have it carved into our stone itinerary.

          We planned for Dick and Jenny's after the Zoo and Mandina's after the Park. I like your other recos as well and will keep those up my sleeve. The other restaurant that doesn't include reservations (with the exception of a baby sitter) is Galatoire's (our overall favorite that with this year will be an anniversary tradition). We were hoping to get to Mr. B's possibly Monday for an early dinner without a reservation.

          We have an open "TBD" for Sunday night that I'm still trying to figure out - since we land early Sunday and were hoping to get to the Fairgrounds I suspect we may be a tired party that may not be up for going out to dinner, in which case we'll probably get some take out and call it a night. The only reservation I made was for August on Friday night.

          Thanks again for the pre-fix recos - do you think we would need a reservation for lunch at any of those places?

          1. re: j.ho

            I would make reservations just to be sure. You can always cancel.

            August - $20.00 Weekdays.

            Cafe Adelaide @ 300 Poydras St., New Orleans, LA 504 - 595 - 3305.

            Coquette - $24.00 Lunch Wednesday/Saturday.

            Commander's - Monday/Friday's for $20.00 and 25 cent Martini's.

            Iris - $20.00 3 course.

            Luke - 2 Course $15.00 Lunch and 3 to 6 Half Price Drinks and 50 cents oysters.

            Mila - Prix Fixe Lunch Special.

            Muriels's - 2 Course Lunch Special $16.50.

            Domenica - 3 to 6 Half Price Drinks and Pizza.

            Mr. B's - 2 Course $20.00 for lunch.

            1. re: Littleman

              Littleman - this is Huge. Thanks for these recos. I had heard of some but certainly not all. I'm liking the sound of 50 cent oysters and half price drinks...say on a Wednesday then walk over to Lafayette Sq. for some free music!

              1. re: Littleman

                Whereas all libations (incl. specialty and call cocktails) are 1/2 price during HH at Luke, Domenica is wine, beer and well drinks.

                Luke's oysters are small and service is slow so all all your dozens at once.

                1. re: JazzyB

                  Good to know. Thanks for the heads-up, JB!

              2. re: j.ho

                With the exception of Commander's, usually not. This being JF, it would be prudent. Best bet without resv. would be when they open or 30minutes prior to closing.

                Unless you must have bbq shrimp or gumbo ya-ya, I'd skip Mr. B's. Tourist centric and otherwise mediocre.

                Don't forget the aquarium.