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Feb 28, 2012 10:03 AM

Birthday weekend DC for specific food destinations

i just want some opinions about the weekend I have planned for my boyfriend's birthday. A few years back he ate at Shamshiry (tysons) and Thai Basil (chantilly) and has been talking about going back. The plan is to drive down for lunch at one ofthem on Saturday. Check into out hotel, Hilton Garden Inn and eat somewhere for dinner possibly in te city and then have lunch at the other one. I was thinking possibly Fogo de chao for dinner because he loved Brazilian grilled meat. Maybe a wine tasting at Quattro Goombahs or another suggestion on Saturday.

Does this sound feasible? Is there anything we should avoid? What should we be ordering? Is it better to do dinner rather than lunch as I have suggested and vice versa? HELP!

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  1. My last meal at Thai Basil was... well very disappointing. What about Bangkok Golden for the Lao menu instead. Fogo De Chao is fine, if he is a meat guy, you might check out Ray's the Steaks.

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      Thai Basil might have the worst pad thai I've ever had. Not the same thing but since he liked Thai Basil, maybe he'd rather have Vietnamese at Four Sisters in Merrifield. I agree about Ray's, either the Steak or Hellburgers.