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Feb 28, 2012 09:46 AM

Sourdough resists spoilage?

I bought some Pepperidge Farm sourdough bread on a whim about 6 weeks ago. (I happen to like sourdough, but I eat very little bread and before now never bought any sourdough for home.)

The sell-by date was a month ago. There are a few slices left; the bread still isn't even slightly moldy. A non-sourdough loaf would have turned weeks ago.

Is resistance to spoilage a well-known characteristic of sourdough bread?

(Or is there something about this particular brand? Or is this just a fluke of this particular loaf?)

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  1. The higher acid content of sourdough does tend to inhibit spoilage and molding. Doesn't prevent it but slows it down somewhat.

    1. In this case, I'm confident that there are additives in the bread that inhibit mold, etc. I've seen hot dog buns sit in a cupboard for many weeks with little apparent change.

      But I have noticed that when I make artisan sourdough loaves from scratch (just starter, flour, salt and water), the loaves do not stale as quickly as an equivalent artisan bread made with commercial yeast.