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Feb 28, 2012 07:17 AM

Beefmastor Inn - Wilson, NC

Any recent visits?

Friends tried it for the first time in Nov. and were not happy. I couldn't really get much info and our restaurant preferences often are at odds. :-D

Would love to hear about recent experiences. Hoping the quality is still the same!

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  1. Went about a month ago, after not having been in several years. It's under new ownership since last visit... suffice it to say things have definitely changed, and not for the better.
    Steak quality was sub-par compared to previous visits and staff attitude sucked.
    Will not be back.

    I've heard the former owner has opened a place in / around Greenville, NC, but don't know if that's true. If it is, and I find the place I will give it a try. One thing is certain, it can't be much worse than his former place in Wilson.

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      Too bad. I'm not aware of any new steak places opening in Greenville, but I've been busy and haven't read the Reflector in a while so could have missed something.

      I was going to eat at the Beefmastor a couple of months ago on the way home from Rembrandt, but the wait was really long and we were starving and didn't feel like waiting.

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        Awwww no! I hate to hear about Beefmastor's sad decline. I lived in Wilson in the mid-90's and it was fabulous - although my hoity toity manager at the time (who considered himself 'better than' since he lived in Raleigh) always grimaced when it was suggested for a corporate dinner - "... oh, Beefmastor? The place where you can get a ribeye, ...or, a ribeye... or a RIBEYE?" Snob. ;)

      2. Any recent updates from my Chowhound friends? I had some acquaintances that went recently and had a great time, but I don't know Chowhoundy their palates are. I'd rather hear from YOU!

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          We go every so often and love it. You have to be in the right frame of mind, though. It's not such a good idea when it's raining out. Then you can't tailgate in the parking lot before your table's ready.

          Spouse and I totally love the salad bar. It's so 1960's retro, it's great. And the bacon bits are chunks of real bacon. If you can't get into the retro vibe, just view it as a deconstructed wedge salad and you'll be fine. The Offspring can't see the humor and so doesn't care for it. Except the bacon.

          The quality of the steak is excellent. The smallest piece they'll cut for you is 8 oz. The grillmaster knows his stuff. Our family likes beef cooked anywhere from blue up to sadly well-done (okay, I'm the heretic who likes well-done beef). We've never had a mis-cooked steak yet.

          The baked potato is, well, a baked potato. Not much else to say.

          I never went in years past so I can't compare. The Spouse used to live out that way but always went to Ollie's steak night in those years (anyone remember Ollie's? - I didn't think so) so also can't compare.

          I'd definitely recommend it if you're up for beef and a drive.

              1. re: rockycat

                Would you consider trying medium? Please? Just for me? I promise it won't hurt you.

                1. re: veganhater

                  Thank you, no. At my age I'm quite aware of my own tastes and preferences.

          1. re: Tehama

            I went last spring and it was as good as ever! I brought my visiting sister and her family and they really enjoyed the experience.

            1. re: Tehama

              Thank you all so much! We ended up going to Saxapahaw this afternoon, but I see a mini-road-trip to Beefmaster soon. Thank you!