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Feb 28, 2012 07:15 AM

Hamptons Clambake Caterer?

I would love to organize a birthday party clam bake on the beach in the Hamptons (prefer Amagansatt, but flexible as to specific location) this June for about 25 people. Does anyone have a caterer recommendation?

I'm looking to have it catered because in addition to the food & drink, I'd also like to have low tables and cushions set up on the beach and will most likely need a portable toilet. Also need the caterer to deal with getting a permit.

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  1. This will get moved off of the Manhattan board soon.

    We've used Claws on Wheels in East Hampton quite successfully.

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    1. re: Blumie

      Thanks, I love their food. Unfortunately the business has been sold and isn't answering their phone anymore.

      1. re: kat_gut

        I did just see on their facebook page that the business has been sold. But it's a seasonal business; perhaps that's why the phone is not being answered.

        Does Round Swamp cater?

        1. re: Blumie

          Unfortunately they don't. The only options I've come across are East End Clambake in South Hampton which isn't supposed to have great food (according to yelp) and a caterer called Hamptons Clambake. And I can't find enough info on them to feel comfortable with them.

    2. Try Stuarts Fishmarket in Amagansett.

      1. I went to an engagement party in Jamesport a few years back. They did a clambake catered by the Jamesport Country Kitchen and it was fantastic. Maybe they would go out to the Hamptons for you.

        1. You could check out Corr J's or Brewsters in Hampton Bays.


          1. I was going to say Stuart's, they have a dedicated catering division with bartending etc, and clambakes are their specialty; Amagansett Seafood does upscale spreads too and caters, his food is impeccable; not sure how far he goes with on site though. But he is very accommodating. Both are located in Amagansett. Claws on Wheels is either gone or has major problems. Give either of the first two a call in May, they will be ready to book parties by then.