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Feb 28, 2012 06:58 AM

Pre theatre in FLL (near BCPA optional)

First time out without kids in such a long time I'm embarrassed to say, and I want to make most of it.
Have 8pm theatre tickets at Broward Center, and not up to speed on the area as I used to be.
Market 17 is a possibility, but the menu doesn't excite me (5-7pm half-off apps and drinks though).
Himmarshee has been reincarnated as PL8 (apparently), and is similarly not inspiring me.
Considering Johnny V and YOLO also.
Any thoughts?

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  1. Those are all good choices. I think if you pick the one that has a menu you prefer, you can't go wrong. I recently tried PL8 and enjoyed it. They also do a great job as far as getting you out on time when you've got theater tickets.

    1. Although I think M17 has some of the best food in the area, it is a bit further than I would want to be from the theater. PL8 is ok, but nothing special. Yolo has a great ambiance, but food is also nothing special. What kind of food are you looking for?

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      1. re: mrmagee

        No real food preference, but proximity would be nice so I can park once and not have to scramble for a spot when everybody else is arriving.

        I think that leaves me with PL8 and Tarpon Bend, which is too bad since both Johnny V and M17 both have happy hour on Saturday (not PL8).

        1. re: non sequitur

          If you are not looking for something fancy, Rok Brgr is a great spot, and much better than Tarpon Bend. Excellent burgers, good apps, nice atmosphere.

          1. re: mrmagee

            But you will not get into Rok Burger on a theatre night unless you go at least 2 hours early.

      2. non seq.....Went a few months ago to see the fantastic RAIN concert(Beatles Tribute) I high-tailed it back to Palm Beach county to escape the traffic for a late dinner.... By the way..Parking at the Broward Center really sucks.......Be prepared for cash only parking garage...., B ut the venue is absolutely beautiful, Not a bad seat in the house.

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          Parking? All the more reason to have dinner close by. I would avoid the main garage and the valet is even worse (slower) but if you arrive 1 - 1 1/2 hours or so before show time and have dinner near by you will find lots of on street parking, many smaller lots and a couple of not so crowded city lots just east of where the resturants are on 2nd Ave. Saw Jersey Boys not long ago and had a pretty decent dinner at PL8. B Rok Brgr next door has truly great burgers if that is what you are in the mood for.

        2. Follow up: parking at 6pm near the theatre was busier than I thought, and tarpon bend cited a 30 minute wait, bit the wahoo and massive onion rings I spotted from the bar got my interest (the rings are a special request item I'd highly recommend - I started a thread here looking for something exactly like these years ago). It was great!

          BOGO drinks were key also, but 3 pints didn't make "Billy Elliot" any more tolerable - yick.

          Recommend the dinner, but not the show.