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Feb 28, 2012 06:18 AM

What are the best dishes at these restaurants?

Hi everyone,

I'm headed to Vegas next month and have finally made my decision on where to eat. But now I want to know what are the best things on the menu.

For Breakfast:
Mon Ami Gabi @ Paris
Hash House @ IP

For Brunch
Bouchon @ Venitian - I was thinking the fried chicken and waffles, heard it was really good.

Scarpetta @ Cosmopolitan
Jeleao @ Cosmopolitan (we did e last year and love it)
Sage @ Aira we are planning on doing the $49 early bird pre fix menu - is it worth it?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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  1. We just got back from Vegas and did a number of the same restaurants. I had the chicken and waffles at Bouchon and it was very good, although I actually preferred my husband's French toast - a triple decker layer of French toast, sliced apples and cinnamon, delicious. I also highly recommend the beignets and, if you're having that kind of breakfast, the champagne cocktails.

    At Jaleo I really liked the Pan con Tomate with Serrano ham and the asparagus. The patates braves was pretty good but basically potato chips, which surprised me. My husband really liked the chorizo wrapped in crispy potato (also basically a chip). The flan was very very good.

    At Scarpetta I highly highly recommend the basic spaghetti, and the black cod was really good. I don't know how big your appetite is but my husband and I each had a pasta and then split a main and that was plenty of food.

    Have a good trip!

    1. At Scarpetta, would totally recommend indulging w/ the tasting menu. It highlights the best of the menu items. High notes for me were the polenta w/ mushrooms, braised short ribs, foie gras ravioli(one of the best things I ever tasted) and the duck. Unlike other tasting menus, most dishes are placed in the center of the table and each diner can take the quantity they desire. The pasta course featured the foie ravioli, the spaghetti and a third less memorable one. I threatened to fork my hubby's hand if he took the last ravioli-luckily he liked the other pastas enough not to take the risk of injury from my utensil.

      1. I second the spaghetti recommendation at Scarpetta (though I've only been to the Beverly Hills instantiation). As for Sage, if you do decide to go with the $49 option, be sure to add the brûlée of foie gras.

        1. Jaleo is one of my favorite restaurants and I've loved everything I've had there... BUT, if there is one dish no one should miss it is the Huevo Frito con Caviar. It's a fried egg served with carmelized onions and caviar- they bring it to the table and chop it all up together for you - it's served with a few pieces of perfectly toasted ciabatta-type bread. Unbelievably delicious! Other than that, if you want to try one of the fried items, I really like the lightly battered eggplant Malaga style. If you like seafood, the Gin and Tonic Oysters are great too. Really, I think if you stick with the more contemporary presentations (stay away from tapas staples you'd see at your local tapas joint), you really can't go wrong.

          Report back after your trip and have fun!

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          1. Must get seafood paella at Jaleo if it is offered.
            Get the spagetti with tomato sauce, it is really good.