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Feb 28, 2012 06:02 AM

sushi, wine and beer bars in COLUMBUS, OH

I will be visiting Columbus for the first time this weekend and wanted to know where to find the best sushi in town? I do not enjoy modern or contemporary versions of this the more traditional the better. Any other local food institutions not to be missed? Also, we want unique bars that serve up the best selection of wines and beer. Thanks!

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  1. I really like Akai Hana for sushi. It's worth making a reservation so you don't have to wait on a weekend night.

    As far as bars with a nice wine selection, Vino Vino in Grandview has a nice selection and is in a nice area for getting coffee, dessert, etc. Spagio Cellars on the same street also has a great wine by the glass section.

    1. Agree with Lauren's recs for wine... I love Spagio. I don't eat sushi around here much, so I won't be much help there.

      What area of town are you going to be in? Downtown is Barley's Brewing Company Ale House - I like their beers and their food. (The website sucks - don't judge the place by that.)

      There are tons of places with good beer and wine selections (assuming you're not talking local breweries, as we don't have many.) If you let us know what area of town you're looking for, or get more specific on the types of atsmophere you're looking for, we can provide better choices.

      1. I also agree with Akai Hana for sushi. Another great place is Kihachi Japanese, but you will need a reservation to get into that place since it was featured by Anthony Bourdain.

        Kihachi Japanese
        (614) 764-9040
        2667 Federated Blvd
        Columbus, OH 43235