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Feb 28, 2012 04:27 AM

Business dinner near Pru

My husband needs to take an investor to dinner tonight near the Pru. The investor is from NY. He enjoys high end restaurants, but that being said, tonights meal doesn't need to be at the most high end place. I would rather find a spot worthy of the Chowhounds. I know there are quite a few newer places in the area, but with limited time, I was hoping the board could help me compile them. The investor enjoys seafood and healthy options, but isn't picky. My husband likes steak when he goes out as well as other foods. The investor is a fun guy who likes a little bit of a scene. I just mean that they don't need to go to a super-quiet, traditional spot.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. L'Espalier comes to mind, but it is very high end and sounds a bit too sedate for what you are looking for. There are a bunch of steak houses in the area, but they are just typical. Not too far from the Pru, a short cab ride, is Hammersley's Bistro. It's a Boston classic and I don't really think you can go wrong bringing someone there. It's a very nice restaurant, but not stuffy.

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      I love Hammersley's, but I would rather avoid the cab ride. By the way, my husband said he definitely wants steak, but it doesn't have to be at a steakhouse.

      1. would anyone recommend Towne?

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          A no to Towne from me, but I would add Eastern Standard or Island Creek Oyster Bar with a stop at The Hawthorne for a drink first to your list. A walk to Kenmore can be a great way to talk.


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            NO. It has a very good ambiance, but I didn't enjoy the food at all.

          2. Legal Seafoods! They have a great fillet.

            1. to stay within walking distance of the Pru, and keeping in mind the "scene" part of your message, I'd suggest Sorellina, Abe & Louie's and Towne. Sorellina has the best food of those three and has several steak/red meat options, but may be pretty quiet on a Tuesday night in Feb.

              neither A&L nor Towne is a favorite of mine, but they are both very popular business dinner locations.

              1. I'm not a fan of Towne, myself. Terrible bartending. Food is not as good as it should be at that price point.

                I'd probably go with Grill 23 for a steak. But if that's too upscale, the steak frites at Brasserie Jo is awfully good.

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                  I was going to suggest Brasserie Jo. A little less expensive and seems like a better place to talk business than the livelier places (if that is important).