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Feb 28, 2012 03:41 AM

Celler de Can Roca - reality intervenes

The only purpose of this post is to hold my naivete up for public flogging. :o)

I just called Celler de Can Roca to see if they had space for us for lunch on any of six dates in mid- to late-April...and was told that the next free table was in...wait for it...January 2013.

I feel like an idiot. :o(

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  1. If that is the case, quite sad. Before they moved to their new location couple years ago, one can sometimes walk in and find a table for lunch; there were always one or two empty tables. And even last Spring, I got a lunch reservation for April calling early March. That lunch although excellent was no better than my previous visits. Amazing what a new location, the third Michelin star and being listed number 2 in San Pellegrino will do. There are so many excellent restaurants in Spain that one doesn't need to jump through hoops or reserve a year ahead. Just enjoy the excellent restaurants in Barcelona and train up to Sant Pau.
    Having said all that, great for the Roca brothers. They are very talented and gracious people.

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    1. re: PBSF

      This motivated me to call for a reservation for November, when it turns out they have tables for both lunch and dinner.

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        They told you they had tables for November. I suppose you mean November 2012 and not 2013? If so, there might be some miscommunication going on with Kelly.

        I have friends who booked lunch recently for July 2012 and they did not make the reservation a year in advance.

        1. re: Aleta

          Yes, Nov. 2012. At least I hope it was 2012. The meal I had there in 2009 was amazing.

    2. I made a lunch reservation for the week after Easter (2nd week in April) a month ago (January 28th to be exact). Maybe you should try calling one more time.

      1. me too. I recently tried for mid-may. I am on a waiting list. Same with Tickets in BCN. Sigh. I thought 90 days out was sufficient.

        1. A friend just got a reservation for a Saturday evening in June!

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            I managed to get a reservation for June at the first attempt just a few weeks ago.

          2. I just tried to see if there was any availability towards the end of September and was told for dinner you now have to reserve 10-11 months in advance.
            Does anybody have experience how likely it is to actually get a table if you're on their waiting list?
            Any tips or tricks how to try to score a reservation, better by phone or email?