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Feb 28, 2012 03:27 AM

Mexican and Margaritas in Boston

I am organizing a lunch on June 2 with a small group of friends..or perhaps dinner the 1st and they seek great Mexican and Margaritas. Any recs please?

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  1. Masa in the SE is amazing, but definitely doesn't under price their drinks, but their food is quite reasonable.

    If you don't need a busy crowd, Papagayo lends itself to a fun hang out spot with tasty margaritas...can't say I have had their food.

    I would avoid the new Waterfront's Temazca - you are paying for Ipads on the table and sugary concoctions.

    1. Are you looking at downtown Boston or open to other areas? Fajitas n Ritas is always a popular spot near the Common. I've had a couple of great meals at La Verdad next to Fenway Park.

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        2nd La Verdad. Good 'ritas as well.
        El Centro in the South End got good reviews when it first opened. I haven't heard much since. I'm not sure if they serve more than beer, but perhaps someone else can comment.