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Jan 2, 2002 03:02 PM

Sacramento Bakeries

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Need fresh Italian bread and rolls!

Best found so far is the Pugliese ("Pool-Yee-Ay-Say) loaves from Grace Bakery sold at Cordi Bros. and Trader Joe's.

Crusty on the outside and bubbly inside. Comes partly baked so you finish it at home. Great with soup and stewy stuff.

Day old bread is good for bruschette (except for the holes in the slices from the yeast bubbles) Use the tub spread found in T.Joe's refrigerated section) or recipe on next post.

Do you know of any other Italian Bakeries worth checking out?

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  1. Italian Importing Company on Folsom Blvd. at 52nd St. and J Street and about 19th has some partially baked bread which they finish up just before sale. They won't tell me where it comes from but it's clear they don't make it on site. It's pretty good stuff - tho not as good as Grace Baking Company's. I first 'discovered' Grace Baking when Webvan was in business. Used to get that bread from them.

    Ettore's on Fair Oaks Blvd. near Zinfandel Grill makes good bread. I wasn't aware that they did bread, but my son brought a loaf for us to have with the Christmas Eve clam chowder and it was very good bread.

    For more country-style Italian bread, try Roma Bakery at 18th and E Streets in midtown. Across from Washington School. They have something which they call milk bread' which I like. Also, their onion-rye is really good. They're closed on Monday. On Sundays after noon, everything in the shop is half priced. Such a deal!! They also make, to order, holiday Italian breads.

    1. Did you ever try Nugget Market on Mace Blvd. in Davis?
      We love their Asiago with pepper.