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Feb 28, 2012 03:13 AM

Sammy Chon's KTown Barbecue in Cherry Hill- Why is this place under the radar on the Chowhound Philly board?

Went for first time last night. To use an old overused expression, we were blown away. First, the service is fantastic for an inexpensive no frills place. Very helpful, but not obtrusive if you don't want to be bothered.

The little complimentary veggie plates came immediately after we ordered: slightly smokey kimchee that was less spicey and less sour than I am used to, interesting pickled radish, nicely spiced really crunchy cucumbers, bean sprouts, julienned potatoes that were served cold and had an imperceptable delicate flavor that served as a counterbalance to all the other little plates and cubes of ham that looked smoked, but tasted more Korean than deli.

Next, we shared an order of 4 large chicken wings. They offer 4 preparations. We chose spicy, which was more sweet than spicy, but not overally spicy. The crunch was very satisfying and not like any other wings I have tasted.

After the wings, we shared an order of kimchee soup with lots of cabbage, incredibly silky rice cake slices and a smattering of firm tofu and just OK pork. Very tangy and the preserved cabbage managed to stay crispy, not at all soggy.

A little too fast on the delivery, since we were still eatting soup, came our order of pork bulgogi, deliciously juicy and medium spicy. We ate it with our perfectly prepared multi grain rice bowls.

We brought a California Gewurtrimener since they don't serve liquor. It had a slight sweetness which complimented the food.

Total for all this food with tip was well under $50. Coming back because there are lots more dishes on the menu we want to try.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Hmmmmm....this wouldn't happen to be the little Korean place at the end of the strip mall at the corner of DeKalb Pike and Township Line Road in Blue Bell, would it? The same strip mall with Sae Han Oriental Market? I've been there several times and there has never been an English sign out front. All is in Korean inside with Korean TV on and Koreans chowing down. There are English subtitles to the menu but not for all items. I've always loved what I've had there but, as they don't give us non-Koreans a hint of what to call it, it shall remain off most peoples' radar..

        1. The reason the name wasn't on there was because I clicked on "This is a review of a specific restaurant" and gave the name there. It didn't come out in the general post. Now I know to list the restaurant name in the title as well as in the name of the restaurant in the review. It is Sammy Chon's KTown Barbecue in Cherry Hill, not the place in Blue Bell. And to the poster who said he felt, as a non-Korean somewhat befuddled by the menu, this place has pictures of everything on a portable electronic device and the waitstaff were more than happy to explain everything. Perhaps if you go on the weekend when they are crowded, you might not get the attention we received.

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          1. re: middleagedfoodie

            Well, I guess that answers that. For those in the Blue Bell area, the little nameless place I mentioned above is worth a shot, even though service may be slow. However, all is cooked to order.

            1. re: Chefpaulo

              Chef I have driven by that place multiple times. Are they ok serving round eyes? Is the menu in english? What is good there?

              1. re: cwdonald

                I've never been there when there is a flood of business so I guess they're glad for all customers. however, they've been there at least five years so they must be doing OK. As for what's good, I usually point to what I think may be appetizing and is not red meat. I don't recall specific dishes but I've always enjoyed what I had and will be heading there again. Be prepared for an hour lunch and watching Korean cable while you wait. The quiz shows are totally bizarre.

          2. Have yet to try this, but have been intrigued. It's on my commute route, so I see it daily. Heard they have a killer sandwich of some sorts as well. I'll have to give it a try sometime. Although it may be slightly under the radar because it has to compete with Kuzina next door.

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            1. re: tzanghi

              That killer sandwich is called a Koagie and I have been meaning to give it a try for a while now. I just never feel like fighting the traffic on Rt 70. I notice on their website that they opened 2 other franchises in Cinnaminson and on Race St in Philly. I might have to check out the new Cinnaminson location soon.

              The website is if anyone is looking for more info.

                1. re: discndav

                  Yes, this review is for the branch that opened in Chinatown. I'm not cheered by some of the descriptions I've read about the banchan, but this branch has mostly received good Yelp reviews, and I will probably try it.

                  Foobooz points out that City Paper liked this branch, and they provide a link to Sammy Chon's Facebook page, where they ask people how they like their bibimbap cooked.